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Ok as a GM for a fairly successful guild, we normally had a cash flow every week of about 1500 to 2000g. Since MoP was released that amount didn't appear to change much but when this last cash flow contribution went in, the guild monies amount did not update properly.

If the amount is still the same for "cash flow" to work, should it not be more gold collected with the increase of gold looted per kill and quest gold reward being higher? Also is their a place I can go and do a pull of all transaction for say, the last 30 days? If I have to I'll break out my old school check book ledger and go transaction by transaction, but it should be automatic right?

Has anyone else seen or experienced this issue/problem?

Thank you for all for your help...
Our guild has not received any guild from cash flow since 5.0.4 went live. Not 1 copper, i've been tracking it pretty straight forward. We have deductions for repairs but not one single deposit or Tuesday update of gold going in. And watching it daily it never goes up, only down and I've done the math and the deductions for repairs are all that is taken out...NOTHING is going in.
Our guild has also suffered from this, we may be small and only run together for quests and a few instances but some weeks we are able to pull in 1k gold for cash flow. Yet when it updates and says the gold is deposited nothing is actually being deposited. Our GM has put in multiple tickets to have this issue resolved. However she always gets the same response, "They are aware of this issue and are unable to provide any immediate compensation." I honestly don't understand how compensation is unable to be provided when I've personally witnessed GM's restoring a player's lost gold over the course of a few moments. Small guilds and large guilds alike that are suffering with this bug need a solution asap. 5.0.4 has been live for an entire month, so I would like to know why this hasn't been resolved and when we can expect this issue to be remedied.

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