Generalized Mana Pools

If Mana Pools have become static or generalized aside from Gnome racial or 2% mana increase from a gem, why is it when I put on my Brewmaster gear set, which includes all Leather with Agility stats, including all 3 heirlooms with heirloom cloak, staff and 2 trinkets, the rest greens and blues from questing/dungeons, my mana pool goes down to 4900 from 5000. Armory should show my Mistweaver gear which includes 2 pieces of cloth and all heirlooms, Leather with Int.
Your Healing Chest peice has a 100mana enchant on it! Thats why!
You have +100 mana enchant on your healing chest.
Wow....I really feel dumb. I really forgot about that!

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