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This is kind of a stupid question, and it's probably been answered already, but I don't know the answer.

A friend of mine quit WoW because he got bored of Cataclysm. Now, he's really interested in coming back for MoP.

Has the Scroll of Resurrection been updated for MoP?
The Scroll of Resurrection program was given some upgrades earlier this year and you can read about them here. We also posted an update in August about how the program will work with Mists of Pandaria. Check out these two blog posts and if you still have any questions, our FAQ should provide greater insight. =)
When will scroll of resurrection work for monks?
Edit: sorry, read it wrong :P
With the new account-wide mount changes in 5.0, those mounts no longer convert over when switching factions. I originally had the mount on Alliance, but then went Horde, and only returned to Alliance for Mists. Now my Spectral is stuck on the Horde side. I don't plan on ever going back to Horde, so this really sucks for me.

I think you should now grant such mounts for both factions to players.
I sent a scroll to someone and it didn't work.

He recently joined our guild to raid with us, and his warrior was on an old account of his. Fr some reason, the scroll did not function properly and while the account was activated, he was unable to level to 80.
The recipient would want to call customer service. That's what I did and they manually took care of everything for me.
still have to be before march 5th 2012 lame
I quit playing a while back and rejoined with this expansion. A friend sent me a scroll which I didn't recieve because I accepted a scroll a few years back.. I understand wanting to keep people from exploiting this valuable tool. But 1 scroll per lifetime seems extreme..
My friend ran out of playtime. Will the scroll work for her once she buys more game time?
so if they already have caty and left for 3 months they can't do this

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