Why is SV so punished?

My main is Speziale, if you need to look me up. I feel like SV is punished in multiple ways, but the biggest would have to be the 2pc T14. MM and BM get a 15% increase in damage on their main ability, while SV gets a measly 5%? I call BS.
5% per tick, 5% x 3 tics = ??
That's not how it works.
So you want SV to get more of a bonus than the other specs?
Bad math. The ticks don't multiply, they add.

Total Damage (TD) = tic + tic + tic = 3 tic

increase by 5% each tick TD = 1.05 * tic + 1.05 * tic + 1.05 * tic = 1.05 * 3 * tic
Still just a 5% increase on prime skill.

Given that ES is already weak, this is just sad.
10/05/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Taelon
5% per tick, 5% x 3 tics = ??

Oh that's gold
So yeah, just another reason BM will excel past SV...

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