Another round of free transfers coming?

Yea I been playing my Alliance toons since it takes so long to get onto Illidan. I didn't even notice there was a free migration, so I'm curious as to whether there will be another chance for free transfer....
Depends on how much complaining happens.
Let's hope they do.... Hopefully open it back up to Mug'Thol again...i missed the boat...
20min wait to get on migrations please...
10/05/2012 09:29 PMPosted by Rebelvodka
20min wait to get on migrations please...

Lol complaining about a twenty minute wait to play on the #1 US Horde server.
20 min? ahahaha i had to wait 3hours to get on now i gotta wait another hour to get on they need to fix this asap.
4 hours here
Aside from very late at night I haven't had a queue under 2.5 hours. I don't mind though since I have other games to play in the meantime and other server chars for when I want to play right away.
Not really going to matter until they allow free guild transfers also, but blizz is too busy trying to make an extra buck
LOL 20 min que my azz. You have no clue wtf your talking about try 3-4 hours on weekday nights which is bs. Even worse on the weekend.
multiple 4+ hour queues... i dont even get much time to play once I log in.. please help blizzard!
10/06/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Dirrt
Not really going to matter until they allow free guild transfers also, but blizz is too busy trying to make an extra buck

They actually didn't have to offer you !@#$ in the first place, you ungrateful %^-*!@.
They kind of do. 15$ a month is for new content and up keeping of the servers. This is unplayable and broken.
Thing problem with a free server transfer is that most will want to transfer back and have to fork out the money to do it. We shouldn't have to pay extra money just to be able to play our characters that we've already paid and paid again to play.
Can u open transfer this stupid an hour wait to try and get on haven't been able to play 10 toons here for 2 weeks and when I do it restarts and damn system locks up on connecting page when try to get on 15 mins. Later
Hell I'm down to a 2hr wait now so I should be able to play by time I have to get to sleep for work tomorrow. Blizzard needs to fix this sh%t asap I'm not paying for a game I cant play period.
Guess will just have to wait till someone starts class action lawsuit .cause right now doesn't seem like they care sad been over 3 hours now you can call and write and doesn't do a thing all they is we had one up a week ago and we announced it never even saw it .theyve got to realize not all r 24/7 wow players
they let anyone transfer here who wanted to during cata that's their problem... and people came in droves as Illidan was the last horde server left to have successful pvp. Both these problems Blizz created for themselves.
Yes please give us some transfers i would gladly switch to any servers i hate to wait 3+hr just to play

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