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Before in previous expansions I was able to unlearn my alchemy specialization, then spend like 50g to learn a different one.
I had done this to go from Potions to Xmute several times, and I left my potion master the way she was for a few months. I moved her from Archimonde to Tichondrius, and realized that I want her to go back to being a Xmute Master, so I went to unlearn potions master. Now before hand I had looked on the forums and no one said anything about that changing as of the new patch...yet here I am, potion master less, and it says I need 4 living steels to become an xmute master =/
So now that I am dying on the inside, is there a way to fix this? lol
It's working as intended.

In patch 4.3, to become a transmutation master you needed to 4 truegold.

It's now upgraded to the MoP truegold equivalent, living steel.

If you want to become a transmutation master you'll have to complete the quest.

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