Archeology Achievement Bug

Bug Report
So everyone I've spoken to online tells me that their achievement for:

What was Briefly Yours is Now Mine (finding 10 rares)
It Belongs in a Museum (finding 20 rares)

Reset to 0

I had 18/20, now im at 1/20, i checked my armory, ist also mentions im at 1/20 there...

Anyone else have that problem? i could go around trying to find 2 more rares to see if id get my Professor achievement but its pretty much at the botom of my priority list right now =P.
Same problem here.
Same thing happened to me too. I am pretty pissed about it! I am hoping they will fix this as soon as possible. I had 18/20 now it is 1/20. I got a new rare this morning and it didn't change to a 2/20 it stayed at 1/20!!
Same problem here. After opened a ticket, my counters were set to 99 normal and 16 rare. Tried to make a normal artifact... nothing. Still 99.

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