Odd Brewmaster Stat Priority?

So a few weeks ago I was looking up stat priorities and never really thought about it, but now that I have, is this really how it should be?

Agility > Expertise and Hit to cap > Haste > Crit > Parry > Dodge > Mastery

I mean, shouldn't mastery be higher up because of Stagger?
Haste provides faster auto attacks which can be turned into more Elusive Brew stacks. It also provides slightly higher Energy generation which can be turned into more Chi.

That's not to say Mastery is a bad stat, it's not at all. It's just not AS good as Haste given how expensive Mastery is per point return compared to the return on Haste.
Stam > Agi > Expertise 15% = Hit 7.5% > Haste > Crit > Parry > Mastery > Dodge

That's the priority I use. I've tested many of them, and not taking Expertise to 15% has been a mistake in every one. It's max Chi generation and prevents you from being gibbed in some !@#$ty luck situations. It also allows you to clear your stagger more often.
Boss parry haste was removed back at cata launch.

Problem with mastery isn't what it does, its that it does too little. 0.5% per 600 mastery rating, so if you are fully decked out with mastery in every slot you might see a whoopin' 5% more stagger. That 6000 combat rating could instead be 14% haste.

Its the same issue for every class that has a bad mastery that you think looks great on paper, like survival hunters. Theirs buffs 80% of their damage, but the returns are only 1% per mastery.
If I'm not mistaken expertise and hit also help with gift of the ox. Less misses/dodges = more chances to proc gift of the ox.
Something to add, AGI isn't twice as important as the secondary stats, so it is worthwhile to Gem for secondary stats.
For Sha of Fear, your favorite secondary stat after hit/expertise caps is Mastery, just because of Dread Thrash/Thrash.
It sucks when that Keg Smash doesn't connect.
The simplest way too put it is that dps stats allow us to use our mitigation abilities more. More elusive brew, for example, is better than any amount of dodge you could possibly gear for, at least for now.
^ Most people only go for 7.5% Expertise. Do yourself a favor and cap it at 15%. It's doable in only heroic level gear You and your healers will notice a huge change in your mitigation, and you will also notice a large change in your dps output. Most people shy away from it as a tank but right now, use uncapped vengeance to your advantage.
Pj, why elemental on your weapons...over windsong?
First you have to consider what each stat does for us

Stamina: Increases your health pool, allowing you to take more hits before dying. Generally, the only time you need to stack more stamina is if you're having trouble surviving a specific boss' burst damage. If you're taking too much damage outside the burst phases the solution isn't more stamina, you need mitigation.

Agility: Increases your attack power, crit rating and dodge rating. Attack power is more threat, higher absorbs on your Guard and (could be wrong about this last one) bigger heals on your Expel Harm and Gift of the Ox. Crit rating means more uptime on your Elusive Brew.

Expertise (15%) and Hit (7.5%): If your Shuffle timer is running low, you're Guard is almost off cooldown and your Stagger is approaching red but your Keg Smash misses or is dodged/parried you're about to take a lot of damage, eat through your healer's mana and possibly have to spend even more Chi on Purifying Brew than you'd like. The fact is Brewmasters are driven by their active mitigation. This makes them incredibly interesting and fun tanks to play but also more susceptible to lag, stuns and the need for their abilities to land.

Haste: Increases how quickly you attack and your energy regeneration. With more energy regen you can generate more Chi for your active mitigation. Quicker attacks means more chances for your Gift of the Ox to proc and more chances for crits to occur, increasing the uptime on your Elusive Brew.

Crit: Increases the uptime on your Elusive Brew.

Dodge/Parry: Increases the chance to avoid a slice of damage altogether.

Mastery: Increases your Stagger amount. Using Purifying Brew frequently, this could almost be viewed as a form of flat mitigation. When it comes to surviving high physical burst, such as a soft enrage, this stat becomes more valuable.

The second thing you need to do is to evaluate how ONE additional point of a stat compares to ONE additional point in another stat. All these stats sound great on paper. However, when you look closer at Mastery, Dodge and Parry you'll see that that adding a couple hundred points, for instance if you reforged 2 or 3 pieces of gear, you'll see the effectiveness of those stats go up by FRACTIONS of a percent. You can do that with your own gear and see how little a difference it makes, to evaluate the rest of the stats requires more math and spreadsheets and to compare all these stats requires some intense number crunching and tests and when it gets to that point, we usually have our trusted sources of information. So my best advice to you is do your research: find several lengthy, in-depth guides and compare and contrast them.

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