Symbiosis great, or the Greatest?

Honestly, it's getting to the point where I can't imagine how I played without it.

Tanking: Spell Reflect from warriors, Bone Shield from DKs, Elusive Brew from Monks, Lightning Shield from Shamans, Consecrate from Pallies....

Just naming the best uses (imo) there... PVP wouldn't be the same without Feral Spirit or Bubble. Wolves add to my burst in a meaningful way, and bubble is great for surviving those extra few seconds when defending bases or mine carts.

As for what we give... DPS Shamans getting Solar Beam helps a ton when faerie fire is on cd, Disc Priests and cyclone is very "wat", I'm sure DKs enjoy the mushroom, as I see one out lots... Although I'm not sure how much others appreciate it.

Anyone else wanna show their love in this thread?
lacks some oomph for me as guardian
SUCKS !@#!
10/06/2012 06:53 AMPosted by Yzara

It's great for tanks. Situational for everybody else.
Completely useless if solo or grouped with other druids.
And everybody but druids can use symbiosis while soloing thanks to the Overgrown Lilypad item.
I do really love breaking out Ice Block or IBF in pvp. Kind of bummed I can't give a cd to tanks anymore.
Nah bro it's pretty blah to meh for me :P but glad you like it ^^

Oh! MD off hunters is cool! I can MD to a healer now ^.^ hehe
(no I don't do that but I know of some imps who will)
Consecrate has become a lifesaver in some dungeon situations for me. lol
Love it! Especially when I'm resto. Don't like it on my boomy though unless I use it on a mage.
10/06/2012 08:32 AMPosted by Paulbathehut

It's great for tanks. Situational for everybody else.


But as OS Guardian, (460ilvl Guardian) I wouldn't call it great at all. It's nice. Not great, not a gamebreaker or life saver in any way.
Complete crap. Almost think this is a troll post because no one can be slow enough to think it might be the greatest. Maybe she missed the 15 post "Fix Symbiosis".

10/06/2012 06:53 AMPosted by Yzara
PVP wouldn't be the same without Feral Spirit

10/06/2012 06:53 AMPosted by Yzara
add to my burst in a meaningful way
lol you know they hit for like 800 each right? maybe one of the worst you can go for lol.
10/06/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Bearforceone
Consecrate has become a lifesaver in some dungeon situations for me. lol

We have thrash and swipe. Thrash helps mitigation in 2 ways and buffs the damage on swipe. I'd be shocked if threat off swipe was lower than consecration. Even on the biggest AoE pack in the world, you should still be using mangle on cd... which means between mangle, thrash, and swipe you're gcd capped (even w/o mangle procs)... so I don't really get the point of consecrate ? Or how it could possibly save anything o.O

When tanking I usually went with the lightning shield as survivability was a non-issue in 5 mans, but not even sure it did anything except make me look cooler.
^ lol pretty much all the tanking moves do nothing for aggro gain or surviability when it would really matter.
It's great for resto pvp, especially since you're guaranteed to get it up even with the cast time.

Ice block, elusive brew, IBF, lifegrip on multilevel nice.
as a moonkin i wont ever see it on my bar unless something is changed and it actually becomes useful for me.
I use it for the warlock spell 50% dmg reduction is useful. Mass dispel from priest can also be useful.
I've noticed a lot of the people I sync with ignore the extra ability right now.

Seems a shame since shadow priests using tranquility in a raid when things get hairy seems a nice idea, along with warlocks being able to possibly toss a rejuv on themselves to help with when they need to lifetap.
10/07/2012 02:19 AMPosted by Lykila
as a moonkin i wont ever see it on my bar unless something is changed and it actually becomes useful for me.

I know this isn't true. Even as a PvE boomy cloak of shadows has been amazing. It gives us so many opportunities to do fun things. Intervene can be really useful too, it let me max my DPS on spirit kings and just intervene out of the way of flanking orders. It would be nice if all the classes gave something more useful but boomy def. has a few that rock.
Symbiosis is great for boomkins if you are speced into Displacer Beast and if you have a rogue with you. Boomies get Cloak of Shadows, and coupled with Displacer Beast, we now have a VANISH..(that's if no pet is chasing you ;) ).
Symbiosis was barely ok at launch. Now it just sucks. My wife is a druid and 99% of the time when we went into a dungeon it was me who got it. Not because what she got was worth a hill of beans, but what I got was super awesome. Now, all warriors get stampede. Symbiosis officially sucks and my wife does symbiosis on whoever she feels like, not like it matters. Its extremely situational and saying its lackluster gives it too much credit.

God forbid an ability be awesome.
It's useful in PvP, in PvE it seems situational to me. For bear a few are occasionally useful, but if you forget to use it, no big deal. For cat... all of them optional, useful to survive in emergencies, or add just a BIT to dps with spirit wolves from time to time.

If it didn't exist, I honestly wouldn't care at all for PVE, or possibly notice for a while. For PvP, some of those abilities are pretty nice, especially for when I start doing arena... dispersion is going to be great for surviving burst.

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