Herald of the Titans group

The title is still obtainable for lvl 80's in the correct gear and i would really like to get it.

I just need 9 other 80's to help me...

Faction or server doesnt matter to me so much ill roll whatever side i can get people.

Just trying to see if anyone else is up for it so let me know. Ty.
i can come on my druid Lowene, resto druid real id Robby_g99@yahoo.com Ik fight as a lvl 80
I'm working on gearing up this guy for a run.
My hunter is good to go I believe, I just need to reforge. I've also got two friends with characters that are pretty much all set as well (holy paladin and shadow priest).


I have a level 80 Warrior Tank that is fully Herald Geared, and has the Title.

If you need a tank, please feel free to hit me up.

i am interested also. i am a ilevel 222 holy pally, i will be monitering this thread
Are Monks eligible for this title? I probably wouldn't be able to get geared for this run but I'd like to in the future and if I don't need to level yet another character for that then well, y'know.

Have you guys thought about using Openraid to get a run together? They have almost weekly Herald runs, might be worth checking out if you're ready to go.
Most of us do use openraid but since it is so early in mop there arent any herald runs.

I dont see why monks wouldnt be allowed, as far as i know the only requirements are the gear reqs and being level 80.
I'm gearing this guy up to the best I can for Herald. I'd love to go, but I do need to upgrade a few things first. I may also know a holy pally who'd be interested.

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