Constant Lag Spikes, only started today

Technical Support
Hi, I've been playing pretty hardcore since MoP launch and everything has been fine. Only today when I'm in the world questing or in dungeons am I getting crazy lag spikes for seconds at a time.

For instance today my world/home latency is around 90ms then out of nowhere jumps to 530 then to 2k+ then stays at 2k until i restart.

I can get maybe 10 mins of play time in before I have to restart.

I restarted my router, called my service provider took all the necessary steps and everything is fine.

I use Bell Fibe Internet in Ontario, Canada. My wife plays at the same time as me and she's just fine, no lag.
This is a common problem with no known cause or solution. The least frustration will probably result from dropping the game.
lol but this game is how I keep in touch with 2 good friends of mine :( that won't do

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