Swiftmend Bug

Anyone else noticing that sometimes the game doesn't realize a player has a hot on them, thus making swiftmend available?

If I select a player and throw rejuv on them, sometimes it doesn't register the swiftmend. Then I either have to mouse over that target, or reselect them.

Never was a problem before.

Anyone else notice this?
Blizzard needs to fix this bug immediately. I noticed it yesterday. If you try to Swiftmend too quickly off the global, it doesn't allow it to happen (and you must de-select the target or select a new target then swap back to apply it). In arena or high-end raiding, one second can be the difference between victory and defeat.

So, Blizzard, get on this. <3
yep, its annoying.
Yup, even for mouseover macros, I have to Rejuv, swing my cursor around, then recast Swiftmend. Even then, there are times where I waste a GCD or two thinking Swiftmend went off when it really didn't. Definitely not conducive to the quick HoT->Swiftmend comboing.
This bug has literally cost people their lives.
I've noticed this too. Bump!
Yeah I use Vuhdo for my healing raid frame addon and even if I have a HoT up, if I try to use Swiftmend too fast, it doesn't register the person I'm mousing over having a HoT. So I have to hit Esc to cancel the spell then try it again. It's really annoying.
I'm glad I'm not the only person with this problem. I use mouseover macros with the blizzard default raid frames and this is getting really annoying. When I use swiftmend (basically on CD) I have to look at my bars and make sure it went off. For "ocrap" moments when swiftmend usage is vital I can't afford to have to look at my bars and hope it goes off. I haven't done pvp yet except for a few bgs, but I can imagine this will be a major problem in arenas where one second determines a win or lost.
Didn't they say they'd fix it, or did the bug just reappear?
This bug was on Beta also and they didnt fix it... So don't expect a fix anytime soon.
Yup, when I heal this is very annoying. Worst of all when I try to follow up a Regrowth with a Swiftmend, that never works. Rejuv+Swiftmend works more often fortunately.
Use this macro

#showtooltip Swiftmend
/cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead,help] Swiftmend
/use 1

This will cast SM on whoever's nameplate your mouse is hovering over. Remove the stuff in the brackets, and it will cast on your target instead.

This macro should fix the issue and you will no longer get the blue hand.
Fix plz blizz! Has caused major problems often resulting in dead arena partner or dead tank which is not cool. Always seems to happen at the worst of times.
This bug has been around since the pre-patch yet Blizz hasn't even acknowledged it... *sigh*
This bug has been around for a LONG time. I wish blizzard would get on it. I've lost a few arena matches to swiftmend bugging and it's seriously not cool. Or fair, for that matter.
Esblofeld, does it only fix the "Glowing Hand of Fail" that prevents you from doing almost anything until you hit escape or some other radical thing, or does it also cause it to (more consistently) cast Swiftmend on your valid target in the first place?

Obviously, the "Glowing Hand of Fail" is the bigger problem, in that until you halt the cast somehow it prevents you from doing much but watching people die while you scramble to try to clear the "cast lock".

But it's also more than a little annoying that the player that you meant to Swiftmend (and who legitimately has a ticking HOT) doesn't get the heal, and even worse for me at any rate, the entire flow of healing goodness gets derailed to a screeching halt as I scramble to try to get it to go off (again) and sometimes a third time even.

That macro fixed the glowing hand for me. Ever since I started using it, I have had no problems with casting Swiftmend.
Thanks! I'll definitely give that a shot. I was going to anyway, but am now hoping for more rather than less, if you know what I mean.

I was logging on to post about this lol. Bump. At first I was dying or someone else was and I thought I was silenced or something. This needs fixing badly, it's our main go to on the move.
I keep asking Ghostcrawler on twitter but can't get a response about this. I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed yet - it's a big deal.

Will try the macro out though, thanks!

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