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I've only found one egg so far.

I think Blizz dropped the ball on the respawn time. They had it set way too high in the beginning and now they swung the respawn time too far in the other direction.

Curious how long it took you to find that egg too... I haven't made that much of an effort because Tich is such a high pop server that eggs are constantly camped. I don't feel like spending hours of my day going in circles on a mount in order to get my pixel dragon earlier.. but some people are down with it.

I was in the area for a good 3 hours flying around looking for eggs. This was super early (3 am server) and I only saw one other person in the immediate area.
I've found 5 so far, two by total luck and I got the other three by waiting on one of the mountain tops right as the server restarted. That's probably the best way to get them, and luckily we've had a lot lately.

I'm still only a couple days away from exalted.
The spawn rate remains unchanged

As more people see others on cloud serpents they discover that this faction even exists, and fly out to Jade Forest to begin their reputation grind

The more and more people out there doing dailies/farming eggs, the less and less of these eggs you will see. There are only a lot of cloud serpents right now because it's something new, and those who got there first got all the eggs they needed in a short while.

Eventually these will be like nether rays and netherwing drakes.

They did fix the spawn rate, they also fixed the spawn rate of the dark dirt used for relationships in half hill. I'm pretty sure it's wowhead that lists all the hotfixes.
I'm glad I got it the day before they did the hotfixes... it makes me feel better knowing I was one of the last two day long egg hunts to get it :P
10/07/2012 05:53 AMPosted by Naiyah
Fishing, cooking, and first aid give you access to additional dailies. Similar to how gathering professions gave you extra dailies for the Netherwing grind.

Archeology as well or so I hear.

10/07/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Nihthraefn
Good luck on Alani... gathering all those crystals seems like it will be a loooooong grind, and require quite a bit of luck.

At least one person on my server with 9 of the 10 shards.
10/07/2012 09:19 AMPosted by Kiebler
They did fix the spawn rate, they also fixed the spawn rate of the dark dirt used for relationships in half hill. I'm pretty sure it's wowhead that lists all the hotfixes.

The dark dirt is still a fairly common spawn.

Can do circles and pick up half a dozen of them in about 20 minutes.

Unlike eggs.

Which I have yet to see one of.
10/06/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Itsheroism
So I know the spawn rate was way too high at first. I can tell by all of the people flying around on cloud serpents. But now I think the spawn rate is way too low. It's a real pain when I've got so few quests to do for rep. I'm not asking for free rep, but as it is now, the chances of finding an egg are so slim that I'll likely be nearly exalted by the time I find my first egg. All I'm asking for is a spawn rate of maybe something like one egg per ten minutes. There's still a chance to find them, but with all of the people trying to get their Cloud Serpents, they will likely go fast so you won't end up with people getting a ton of eggs and just egg farming their way to exalted.

Those people that got the cloud serpents fast at launch, did so because they rushed 90. A person in our guild got mage realm first, and then exalted the next day. It's like getting a head start on the easter race. (Not saying it's a bad thing, but pointing out how they got it so fast, the drop rate was not anyfaster than it is now)

also try farming late at night, this is when I had the most luck. It also helps if you get a addon like tomtom and put in all the spawn locations and just make a flying pattern to those points.

I just recently got exalted by farming eggs, yesterday.
Well....I know it's infuriating on my server trying to find eggs. Tons of people flying around, a person at each spawn point on restart, etc.

I have basically accepted the fact that I will never see any of these eggs. Ever.


.....Maybe a little bit.
Just so you guys know, you may as well enjoy the rep grind for the serpent riders if you're after Alani's mount. The mount doesn't just required exalted with serpent riders, it requires exalted the August Celestials too. You'll be at exalted with the serpent riders waaaay before you're ever exalted with AC.

The dirt spawn in halfhill was way higher the first few days of launch. I could get 20+ items in a single loop around halfhill. They then nerfed it, then buffed it back up a little bit.
10/07/2012 06:10 AMPosted by Xerha
all of which i couldnt be bothered to level cause i dont need them and found them a pain in the butt to level

Cool. THe rest of us have been rewarded for sticking it out. Good luck.
all of which i couldnt be bothered to level cause i dont need them and found them a pain in the butt to level

cooking: major gaps at certain skill levels where theres nothing to cook but a green recipe 10 million times to many or fly to some god forsaken hole in the ground to get some useless recipe that shoulda been on the trainer ntm i never ever eat anything cept vendor bought food(easiest way out) only reason i even leveled my cooking was to do the tiller dailies cause i find that little farmville game fun although i wish all the plants had different growing speeds

archeology: 1st toon i leveled this to 525 was the last toon ill ever level this profession on. shocked i didnt give up before 525. do 2 spots on this end of the map then fly alllllllllllllll the way to the other end do 2 spots then repeat repeat repeat awe F IT i give up. i got my dino mount and thats all i wanted from it. will never do it again.

first aid: have never ever found any use for it on any toon. i just eat my vendor food. personally i think its a waste of cloth that i can ah or send to my tailor

fishing my 2nd most hated PITA profession. i got better things to do then fish in a video game staring at a stupid bobber waiting for it to pop

Just so you know..... it takes all of 20 minutes standing in one spot to level cooking from 0 to max now.
10/07/2012 06:35 AMPosted by Naiyah

Have fun with your longer rep grind then.

10/07/2012 06:29 AMPosted by Viria
Was the spawn rate actually tweaked? Or is it just that more people are searching for them now? I assumed it was the latter, but I'll admit I've been too engrossed in playing to bother keeping up with hotfix info.

I keep seeing people claim it was hotfixed, but nothing was announced (yet). It's a lot more likely that eggs are more scarce because a lot more people are out and about looking for them instead of Blizzard curtailing the spawn rate... however, I wouldn't put it past them to nerf it so it's a possibility.

do you REALLY think they would note something like this? they know all the QQ that would ensue. heck they even tried to sneak "The Quick and the Dead" guild perk change in as a BUG change for crying out loud :\
What makes it hard is when you have 30 lvl 90's running around looking for eggs the same time you are. I have tried different times and still i get if I am lucky 3-4 eggs a day. I do all the dailies except for the first aid one as I am still working on leveling that up.
They really need to rethink the respawn rate for the eggs, since they are in a small area, or they need to expand the area. I mean at lvl 90 you should be able to get your mount relatively in a good time not weeks. Anyway I agree with the redoing the respawn rate.
10/07/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Xerha
more dailies please. i mean like wtf? i get like 10 stupid dailies for the klaxxi that i dont give a friggen crap about but only 3 for the cloud serpents??? why???

Then you finally figure out that those 3 quests give 500 rep each, 1k each with the commendation.
The rep grind is extremely easy, and I never even hunted an egg.
10/07/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Xerha
more dailies please. i mean like wtf? i get like 10 stupid dailies for the klaxxi that i dont give a friggen crap about but only 3 for the cloud serpents??? why???

But the 3 for the cloudserpent give you as much rep as the 10 for the Klaxxi.
HELP BLIZZ. We need more then a few days to get reputation for vanity items.

Are you kidding me. Cloudserpents is probably one of the easiest to get exalted with even without the eggs. I mean we are talking about a vanity item here that is not required at all and you "need" it today? Try the Netherdrakes. That really was a "fun" grind. Compared to that Clouserpents is a cakewalk.
i got exalted after about 3 days..
i found the best time to grind the eggs and then learned how they spawn and where they could in each spot..
i would spend about an hour or maybe a little more per day on dailies and egg hunting..
this was before they had the rep boost at the vender and well after the nerf..

the best way to get a lot of eggs is to catch them spawning..

once an egg is picked up.. another will spawn on the ring you run..kind of like a wave...
if you know all the spawn spots most times you can get to the next egg before or just as it's spawning..
it's very much gonna count on timing to get the most out of one spawn pattern..
they will spawn for awhile and after that spree is over it will slow down..

if you can find a gap in your realm where it is quiet and you happen to be the only one can get 12 eggs on a spawn before they stop for a bit..
the most i've gotten in a day was 40..
that just finding the right time and getting good at swooping in and spotting the eggs at a glance..

also for a big help to learn all the spots..i used gathermate2 and gathermate2 data and loaded up the the expansion data..
after i found out every single spawn spot and could just fly that ring in faster egg grabbs went from being lucky to find one to getting 12 or more in a spawn..

sitting in one spawn spot and you will miss the's like a race against the clock and other players..
once they spawn ..put it in turbo and fly the ring as fast as you can and have a sharp eye for the eggs..after a bit they will stick out like a sore thumb and it's swoop and run to the next before someone else gets there..

even when others were there...i could tell they didn't know the patterns and i just kept running mine and still getting eggs..
some of those eggs get hidden in some good under a bush..

also use a small flying a bird or if you have one of those clouds..i see a lot on these big dragons hunting..the wings would get in the way a lot for i switch to my DK mount..
once other players see you..they are gonna turn up their game as well..hehehehe
I'm glad I did it the first weekend
12/30/2012 01:43 PMPosted by Twyztyd
I'm glad I did it the first weekend

i can't imagine how easy that was hehehehe
that had to be like bobbing for apples..
i will fly over those spots when i do the dailies for valor points and still could grab an egg or two..
i take a spin around the ring when i am heading out to bandage up those baby serpents and see eggs all the time..
unless they nerf it alts are not gonna have a problem hehehe

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