Null and Void looking for active members!

Guild Recruitment
Null and Void is currently a level 10 guild with 125 members. We have a core group of dedicated members, however we need more active players to join our ranks! Anybody who is willing to join and help us complete guild challenges, get achievements, and help with guild experience will quickly be noticed and have a high chance of being brought up to an officer. The larger we grow, the more help I need with management. If you're interested, please help!

More about the guild itself though: we currently have 3 guild bank tabs, and we do have guild repairs. If we get more members, I will be able to bring up the allowance. I hope that as we level up and get more members to become both a PvE and PvP guild. I will lead the PvE portion, with scheduling and organizing dungeon and raid runs, especially with the new MoP addons. If anyone is interested in organizing PvP content, I will happily help you. Thank you for your time, I hope to see you in the guild!

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