Increased number of PvP abilities

Okay so as a warrior focused on PvP, I know that almost all of our abilities have some situational necessity. My question is how do the rest of you deal with the vast number of abilities we have, along with useful macros like the One-hand/shield back to 2h macro? I can only keybind so much and my hands are all over my keyboard in my battlegrounds and arenas as it is. Now at level 90 I have to add 2 banners and avatar to that? How does everyone else deal?
start with your most used/shortest cd abilities, these should have priority and be easiest for you to use, then progress from there.
I bind Q,E,R,T,G,V,Shift Scroll UP, Shift Scroll down, Shift all the letters i mentioned earlier, then I use everything on my naga, i have a ton of macros, and I still haven't finished my new keybinding setup.

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