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Hello everyone,

My question is this:

Does leveling a pet through battles produce better stats than catching a pet at higher level?
(This is how it worked in Pokemon Blue and Red at least ;O)

So far, my experiments have only been with lower level pets up seven and have seen no difference so far.

But if anyone else has any sort of different information, I'd like to hear about it.

No. There is no difference between catching and raising pets, if the pets are of the same quality and nature (a rare fast squirrel caught at 1 and raised to 23 will not have different stats from a rare fast squirrel caught at 23). The only thing that would be affected would be the "Raise X Pets to Y Level", if the caught pet is higher level than the achievement (catching a level 11 pet won't count towards raising level 10 pets).
hhmmm...I'm not so sure Phaedra. I've been catching wild pets and I've been seeing that pets of the same level and quality can have different stats, so there are differences.

I was planning on testing this with 3 wild pets. I'm going to catch 3 of equal level and quality, but watch the stats they each have and make sure they all start out differently, then keep a log of how each one progresses. This should tell if it doesn't matter because it all equals out in the end, or if there is, indeed, a reason to go one way or the other.

Could prove interesting.
I know the random PvP pet battles are a waste of time if you don't have all rare pets and deep pockets.
Yes, because my wow store pet is so imbalanced it ate the enemy team and then proceeded to /dance! My pockets are deep friend, and every time I reach into them my money is stained by the blood of other innocent battlepets!

It would make more sense for the only difference to be stats distribution (power, speed, hp). If it's a case of actual disparity due to levels after capture, then the best type pets (for stats) would be those caught rare at level 1...which wouldn't be a good idea for the system as it stands (level 1-level 25 trained pet being more powerful than something you caught along the way puts catching higher pets in a bad light and gimps the system a bit).

Edit: First paragraph is intended as sarcasm.

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