[A] Mio X Ritsu OTP recruiting 6/6 vaults

Bleeding Hollow
10man Casual
Saturday/Sunday during the day (Around 1pm-8pm server, times aren't set in stone)

Currently looking for a tank (prefer plate), healer (shaman/paladin prefer), and 1 dps
Send a tell to Sockem, Kls, Smint, Paroxys, or Icasa if you are interested.

More Info:

We are a group of friends who have known each other and raided together on and off since BC. Our raid times are set to Saturday/Sunday because two of our members don't have the ability to raid or play much during the week. We don't have specific start/end times since we want to be flexible, but you can expect raids to last 3-5 hours. Loot is done via council, with rolls for close calls. We expect you not to be bad and know how to play your class etc.

Currently we have downed Stone Guard, Feng, Gara'jal, Spirit Kings, and Elegon.

We raid for fun, so if you don't like fun then look elsewhere.

Also, no heretics who ship:
Azusa x Mio
Azusa x Yui
Ritsu x Yui
(Mugi shippers are okay, we all know who she ends up with in the end)
Bump to my homeboys :) GL on new server
Also, big thanks to Protoman for being the best pug tank ever
I talked to Smint in game and I was told that you guys have a dps spot open. I am interested in joining.
Pushing this up, only need two dps now.
Bump, needs have changed.

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