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Guild Recruitment
HAVEN GUARD, a guild founded by a father and teenage son, is now recruiting! Created with the ideals of being a fun, helpful, safe place for parents to quest, dungeon, and just enjoy all WoW has to offer with their children.

I know I for one was leary of letting my 12 year old son play WoW, something he has been bugging me about forever! I finally decided to let him play and got him his own account so we could quest and dungeon run together. Then I quickly realized that he was missing out on the group or guild aspect of the game (because I am not comfortable with him joining the trade and general chat), something I know a lot of players enjoy. So I began looking for a guild that would fit. Long story short, I could not find one. So I made one.

The long term goals of this guild will be recruitment and then being able to do guild dungeon runs (raids even when levels permit), weekly/monthly events with prizes, and just having a great community of like minded players who understand school and work (real life) come first.

Any and all who are interested in joining or just want to let me know what you think of this idea please feel free to let me know here or in game.

Myrrdyn (guild master of Haven Guard is Draymyr)

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