PvP power Serpent's Eye

Please implement them.

Please do this blizz, it is a common misconception that JC was brought in-line with other professions now in terms of pvp power, but this is not the case.

If someone with jc wants to stack pvp power he gets penalized for wasting his sockets on serpent eyes. Please fix this over looked issue. Blacksmithing still gets to stack extra pvp power and resil, why can't jc?
Agreed. Really !@#$ty profff for pvp now

at least give us mystic or something.. (as a healer)
Mystic JC gems are crucial.

CC has grown rather insane in this season and I'm immobilized and/or stunned for so long that I need a much bigger buffer from resil.

Also removing hex CD would be very welcome.
ALSO implement PvP power and PvP resil ring enchants... JC is not the only one in the dust!

Same with alchemy...
Same with LW...
Please add a PVP power, a Resilience, and a combo of them to the serpents eye recipes. :)
5.2 will have primary stat/PvP Power and primary stat/PvP Resil Serpent's Eyes. That way you get your 320 primary stat and the same PvP Power/Resil you'd get from a non-JC gem.

You won't get straight PvP Power/Resil Serpent's Eyes.
I ditched JC on my main in favor of Blacksmiths just because of the PVP issue. Being that I do not do PVE much and the dailies are out of control when it comes to ALTs with professions, I no longer have any JCs and only go for professions that will directly improve my stats. Alchemy: gone, JC: gone, Herbalism: gone.

Now it is all Engineering, Blacksmiths, Enchanting, and Inscription (no PVP there the the shoulder inchant and cards are nice).

I had an alchemist but ditched that because it is cheaper to by the pots than the mats by about 25-50 gold each. Herbalism was a waste because of no significant PVP value so, as stated, I ditched it as well.

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