hunter lvl 85 full cata beat me

currently i went against a lvl 85 full cata hunter while me in the gear that i have on was used, im curious did rogues get nerfed that hard and can't get through his armor, or did i do something wrong?
Rogues now have to nearly pop every cd to do any damage "worth noticing" on an enemy. Only ability now that actually still does reasonable burst in killing spree in combat.

Rogue scaling failed for lvl 90; hence y your damage basically seems the same pre mist launch.

With the lack of energy regen for mut as well as poison damage not doing nearly anything worth noticing on pvp geared players, assassination has dipped down severely.

Sub, while having increased ap, completely fails now due to lack of crit % on your most powerful abilities, and the fact that you nearly need 2 buffs and 1 debuff on your opponent just to be at optimal play style. Weapon scaling wont fix it. (sub wise)

Combat has killing spree which does good damage, and overall burst in dps phase (adren + shadow blades), but still lacks consistent damage because of low haste plats and energy mangement. Actually the only spec that has ok weapon damage scaling.

Combined with lackluster tier talents, horrid healing, and the fact that our utility moves have increased cd but to lower effectiveness compared to nearly every other class, the rogue class is gimped in multiple ways of pvp combat.

Fun factor degrees also if you cant do anything to any opponent.

So yes, rogues = weakest class atm in pvp. Don't be surprised or frustrated if you lose to any other class.
but its a lvl 85 hunter, is that really so badly scaled that i can't do any damage to a 85?
Hunters are currently waay overpowered, where as rogues were nerfed really bad. So that's the issue. I am currently getting one shot by any hunter that I encounter. Doesn't matter if I'm stealthed, flee, open combat, whatever. I get one shot. It sure as hell sucks because I think Hunters and Rogues evened each other out before. I'd suggest you write to Blizzard and ask that they nerf the hunters. That's what I did.

I wouldn't mind getting buffed either, but seeing as I've barely gotten started with the PVP yet, I want to give it a proper try before I start complaining.
Also, you have no pvp gear (or It doesn't seem like you have any).

PvP gear is very powerful right now. With full cata, the hunter probably had something like 50-60% damage reduction as WELL as having enough pvp power to negate almost all your natural damage reduction.

So basically he was doing 100% damage to you while you where doing less then 50% damage to him.

Because of the way pvp gear works now, several classes at 85 are as strong if not stronger then other classes at 90 that don't have pvp gear.

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