prot getting benched in progression?

So a friend of mine says prot warriors are getting benched in favor of paladins/DKs/monks for hardcore progression. I myself am a DK, my off-tank is a paladin and the DPS with tank off-spec for stone guard is a monk, meaning i have no actual prot warriors to talk to.

From leveling my prot warrior alt through normal dungeons i can't help but feel that they would be awesome for progression, with smooth damage intake through proper shield block timing on top of the highest passive mitigation out of the tanks (25% from def stance), so maybe it's a tank dps thing? I have noticed very little ability to self heal, compared to DKs, monks and the new pallys, so it also could be a mana cost thing. Any thoughts?
Our main tank is a warrior, and does great.
Shield barrier is essentially death strike without the damage.

Instead of a heal, its a barrier. Its almost exactly the same type of mechanic. Its just that its hard for people to see your barrier, while people can see the dk heal himself.

I feel that in making all the tanking classes "active mitigation" based, they actually made Dk's the least interesting of the bunch.

DK's death strike hits very hard and its almost a no brainer to use it (WHEN to use it is a choice, but with huge rune generation it isn't as much as you might think), while warriors have to decide between defense and offense (HS), AND have to decide between block and barrier.

Its decisions and its fun, but also makes you realize that, if your group is doing poorly, you will do poorly (have to spend more time barriering) and if you're doing well, you'll also do well (more HS!).

Furthermore DK's can no longer be dodged/parried on their main attacks. We still do. This is even more problematic when you realize that our rage generation is (almost, aside from slight passive gen) solely from shield slam and revenge (which is also tricky, because revenge resets from parry/dodge, while shield slam refreshes from devastate, which can also be parried/dodged).

So, this make hit/exp for us actually somewhat defensive stats as well (more rage = more barriers/blocks).

So its complicated! And also why noone in the world can agree on what to do with prot stats at all (i'm biasing a parry/dodge and hit/exp build, it works pretty well, though damage is painful at times compared to a full mitigation build).

I can't say warriors are bad, just that they are complicated. I'm enjoying it so far though, but I wish I knew what blizzard intended for this class, and how they envision us gearing.
I'm not saying I don't like the warrior changes, or that they break them. I've tanked hardmodes for a while, and I've already got the hang of the warrior's active mitigation model and while I disagree on some of the points you have vs. DKS (the choice between damage and survivbability being one of them. We can use heart Strike instead of Death Strike for increased damage much like you can use Heroic Strike instead of shield block/barrier) I can agree that warrior tanking is much more involved than it used to be, which I like.

My question is simply if anyone can confirm/deny that some prot warriors are getting the bench in some bleeding edge progression guilds, and if so what are the reasons. Like I stated before, as an experienced hardmode tank I can see how the warrior in its current form could be very powerful in progression, so I am confused by the rumors i've been hearing.
Your friend is an idiot and doesn't have any clue what he is talking about. end of discussion

to C/D this from a world first progression perspective...look at Vodka, nhilium, method...their GMs and MTs are prot warriors. Those are just a few off the top of my head
Warriors (and DKs to be fair) are the best tanks this tier, so no, we're not getting benched at all.
i like the warrior lvl 1 know i used to mt in heroic fl and early ds as a dk, dare you to post on it ...
do u guys think full mitigation spec or go for hit/ expertise spec?
For progression yes DKs and Monks getting tank spots over warriors.

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