wheres the best place to farm mote of harmony

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Are they really rare?

I was reading they were. Are people having trouble with crafting cos of this?
They have the same drop rate off everything in Cata,
Really? Cata stuff is in Pandaria?

Edit: HA! Caught you before you fixed it :D
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The best place to farm them is to literally farm them. Otherwise, any place mobs are dense, since they're random drops.

This - work on your Tiller's rep.
Actually farming them.

No, really. Once you get to Revered with Tillers you can get Songbell Seed which nets you a mote for each one you plant. At Exalted with Tillers you've got 16 patches of soil for planting in, so if you plant Songbell in each patch and harvest them all each day, you can get nearly a dozen full Spirits of Harmony each week guaranteed just from gardening.
Are there any particular mobs that have them, or any mob? Like humanoid or elemental things?
I find the windward isle is a good place, the lizard guys just keep running up onto the beach to kill the dragons. They drop them well enough.
im actually uploading a video about a spot to farm mobs for these as i type this, but in the cave in kun lai summit with the sprites. you can drop an aoe on the snow piles and aoe them down fast and they seem to drop pretty often.

check out my video once its finished uploading

Get Tillers rep and plant some Songbell Seed and get 16 Motes a day (at Exalted)
Word on the street is the % chance goes up depending on monster level.

10% from 85, 15% from 90.
If you want to kill random things for farming them, i would suggest you kill somethings that drops meat. That while while you farm, you are also getting meat you can turn in for cooking tokens XD
Found a spot, got 62 motes in an hour and 37 plundered chests, would love to go back if the dam server would come back up. I'll never tell my spot but had a few people stop while I was there. I'm sure it will not be a secret for long.
Whiplass, If u werent going to tell the spot why mention it. You just needed some attention so you made-up the whole thing.

Thanks for wasting our time
Not sure how things changed with the patch, but from farming for a while tonight (level 87 mobs) these are the kills I had to do between motes (started counting right after first mote dropped, so 5 motes gathered total)
7 kills
21 kills
21 kills
36 kills

I also got roughly 3 stacks of windwool. I'm not farming for it, but it does come in handy for engineering.

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