my thoughts about disc priest so far

I know that i am playing this game for a few time and dont have so much experience as many of your, but i will tell about my experience with disc prist so far

i aways played disc priest, ever since i first create my char, i always make as a disc.

As soon i started heroic raids on MoP, i was getting OOM so fast, using my normal used healing from cata(PW: shield > penance > great heal) that i could not even sustain my mana on trash mobs (had only 4k spirit), so i went to do some experiment, and finded out that Holy fire, Smite, Penance(on mobs, cause penance now deal full damage on mobs aside from half damage from cata) sustain a good heal, and barelly using mana.

and of curse, maintain power word: shield on the tank aways

and as long i am smiting, i proc surge of light often, so as soon you get 2 stacks of surge, start the free flash heals, more then often, the flash heals proc surge again, so usually you get 3-4 flash heals for free, after that go back to holy fire/smite/penance

on this build, i was doing 25-30k hps AND 20k dps easilly, with barelly using mana, right now i am with 5k spirit, and can do any mop heroic dungeon boss, with my mana never going below 50% (unless there is some emergency, aka someone standing on fire, and i have to power heal then) and not even using fiend.

and i forgot to mention, but you can double crit with holy fire/smite/penance heals, if you crit the damage done, sometimes it crit the healing done from this crit, and you get a 4x heal that normally you would do

i dont know how this will work out on raids, since i didnt did any yet, we will see.

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