Priest PvP Review

It's still early in the expansion and people are stil gaining stronger gear so this is subject to change. Though there are some extremely noticeable issues with both Disc and Shadow which make us extremely underpowered and I don't see us being extremely strong anywhere outside of Shadow in RBGs.

- Mana Regeneration
- Throughput
- Sustainability
- Survivability
- Utility
- Offensive Pressure

The strength in the past with Discipline was the fact we had the worst mana regeneration but we had Mana Burn to evenup the fights. We could take another healers mana to keep them on par with us. In the current state we out of mana ourselves much faster than other healers. We lack anyway to put offensive pressure on the enemy team. With the combination of Dispels/Mana Burn and SW:D being castable at anytime we've lost the ability have an aggressive playstyle. This allows other healers to purposely drag out matches to the point we can't compete. Our Defensive Cooldowns are Lackluster most times we're still able to be killed with them on us. All in all we're very weak and unless you're an exceptional player with exceptional teammates getting high rated is going to be a huge struggle for any Disc especially as damage continues to climb from people getting PvP Weapons and Malevolent PvP Gear.

- Damage Output(Arena)
- Offensive Pressure

Shadow is in a much better position than Disc. In RBGs we perform wonderfully and can excel at keeping pressure out for other DPS and our team. Our Damage on the larger battlefield allows for more of our DoT's to stay up as enemy healers are under more pressure. Our issue is in Arena. Even with Dispel on an 8 Second Cooldown we lack the ability to put out substantial damage alone. The fact we went from being a controlled bursr type to a RNG burst type is literally atrocious in small scale PvP. There are many times where you can just have poor luck and never get the chance to burst. On top of the fact in 2v2 Shadow/Healer is nearly impossible to win with because self healing is through the roof on most DPS classes. It's almost like Facing Rogues with the old recuprerate 1v1 again. Healers can dispel our DoT's with little to no penalty. Even with Sin and Punishment they can complete shut out our ability to get any Burst oppurtunities. Warriors have near 100% uptime on us. The changes made to Shadow have all but removed our synergy we had with other classes. While hoping and waiting to generate Procs to burst we're handicapped into being reliant on RNG and inconsistent Burst.

Without a change to either of the playstyles that brings back Disciplines Survival,Utility and Pressure or Shadows controlled and reliable burst play we're going to fall short in Arena as gear climbs higher and our damage stagnates. Hopefully this isn't the case in full PvP gear. This is just what I've noticed myself.
Yes we know, disc is the worst and most broken spec in the game right now.
but I don't want to level another healer 1-90
You are pretty much dead on accurate, first person I've seen other then myself that sees, while we are very useful in bgs, in the arena we are just totally meh, and have to have a team comp with a hell of a lot of cc to keep wars from melting us/making us useless.

The fact that we can't control our burst at all, and have no cds to pop for dps increase at all, make it very very hard to coordinate burst dmg with cc with your teammates.....when making a team I don't see a reason to ever take a SP over another class atm.
100% agree, but honestly I dont think Blizz cares, 1 week already and BM is still globaling healers and every other class for that matter and not 1 word about it from Blizzard and no blue post on priest forums either, we have been giving guidance about our class since early beta but to no avail here we are... sucking. Sigh. I love my spriest was both pve and pvp shadow in cata but tried out disc to gear faster in heroics this expac and honestly both specs are garbage.

As disc a warrior can literally charge, 7-10 secs still unable to do anything, dead. GG

Its not much better for shadow against warriors either. They are like the rogue of cata against spriest. Dont even get me started on 2nd wind passively out healing a hybrid with no repercussions.

Some spriest on AJ posted a vid of bm hunter/spriest/rdruid, they are 2400 ranked now 34 wins 1 losses and the video is purely him running in... 1 silence on a healer, hunter killing everything and he might dispell... I guess thats what we are now just a scapegoat / distraction/ semi- decent off healer that has no burst, and our entire damage can be dispelled in 1 global. =)

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