Stuck on reconnecting after rolling restart

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We had a rolling restart this morning, and I can't log back in. Proudmoore shows as up. Anyone else having this issue? I've rebooted my iMac, and it's been I think 40 minutes.
I am having the same issue
Ditto here. Didn't this happen last week too?
yeah me too
Yes, lots of us are having this problem.
Mebbe the server rolled over and went back to sleep rather than restarting...
I'm having the same issue and yet I can sign in with my armor app..
I as well.
Me too. :(
yes @ Rogatien this did happen last week .... ah well what can u do just have to wait it out i guess.
in case having more people reporting this helps. . . . yes
Have the same issue... whats the problem? Is Blizzard losing control?
Thank god im not the only one!
Same problem stuck at connecting...
I am having the same issue on my mac and my pc laptop.
same problem
There are numerous topics on this subject. Blizzard is aware of this issue and is investigating.
there has been an update on the breaking news about authentication servers and we will be be briefed within the hour. LOL blizzard !@#$ed up

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