Focus Deadlythrow

UI and Macro
Hi, looking to focus redirect, then focus deadlythrow

I've come up with

/cast [target=focus] Redirect
/cast [target=focus] Deadly Throw

wasn't working on the test dummys

/castsequence [@focus,harm,nodead] Redirect, Deadly Throw

Press twice.
Is there no way to make it so you only press it once?
Redirect takes a little bit of time to transfer the combo points. The way it's originally written, to be pressed only once, triggers both spells instantaneously. Meaning it'll try to do Throw before the combo points were technically transferred or at least before the client registers the transfer.
There is no way to program a delay in a macro which is what you'd technically need for this to work in 1 click.
So short answer is no, there isn't really a way to do this in only one press. Castsequence is a good way because sequence won't progress until you get confirmation from the blizz server that previous spell in the sequence fired correctly and successfully. So it in a way ensures that throw is cast only after Redirect has taken an effect. You'd also get the same effect with separate binds on the two as the physical act of pressing two separate buttons gives enough milisecond delay for this to register properly.

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