Shared Achievements

One of my favorite tasks in the game is working on achievements. I was shocked to see all my characters have now shared all their achievements...So, it kind of spoiled the fun for me.

In the past, people complained about having to do the achievements over for different characters. So I understand why Blizzard developers may wanted to appease them; however, like children, when you give them everything they want without working for it, you get a spoiled lazy person who gets extremely bored with the game and leaves anyway.
Children need to learn to work for what they want, so they appreciate what they get and become productive game and out.
This goes for us grown up big kids, too. :)

Please...I want to do it myself. :)
My apologies!

I misunderstood the notes. Blizzard's intelligence wins again. The blue line across the top of the achievements designates incomplete. So, I can still do the achievements. Thank you Blizzard...
I followed you for a bit where you mentioned achievements being shared.

Then you brought up children and growing up.

I think I missed a step... Anyway, if it bothers you so much: ESC: Interface: Display: Display Only Character Achievements to Others.

Also: Holy necro Batman.

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