Shadow AOE

Do you shadow priest have good AOE
And what spells do they have that does their AOE
Shadow Priests can have good AoE, but it takes level 90 Talent Halo and some good planning.

With a 45 second cooldown, and requiring 25 yards for best damage its probably the most awkward aoe i have ever played, because its a simple mechanic but difficult to pull off.

Mind Seer hits like a camera flash in broad daylight. It just kinda stings.

I was doing dailies and i took out a group of adds when a monk took down 4, and helped me finish off my group... yea...

Moderate ele shaman would one shot the group... and it takes us 20-30 seconds.
Halo is good burst aoe. Sustained aoe is awful. I expect mind sear to be rebuffed some time this tier because it is just loldamage right now.
My priest isn't 90 yet, so I don't have Halo; however, I would love to have more aoe. Yesterday I went into UBRS to farm for Large Brilliant Shards (I'm in my mid-80s). Mind Sear wasn't effective even against low level mobs. I simply used SW: P to kill them as it was more effective. I really like my Shadow Priest, but having a decent aoe would really be icing on the cake.
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Also, the mp5 during combat needs a higher % as it currently stands

This right here to me is the biggest issue as a priest in a nutshell, outside of all the sloppy mechanics to disc playstyle. Spirit has been nerfed in past expansions (Priest sole regen mechanics) and has never been recovered to its "not struggling to keep a blue bar" state. Hymn of Hope is a good mechanic, just poorly designed when comparing to other classes on the move regen mechanics. The numbers game to me is blaaah to say the least. I do not mind being at the bottom of the heal charts but, I do mind when every priest (experienced or not) are in the same boat sailing down stink river, with their "what we bring to the raid" mechanics suffering badly.
What I would like to see are a few priest only trinkets or weapons to help boost the mp5 combat percentage, if not a boost to regen itself. A complete overhaul to the disc play mechanics issues mentioned in throughout all of these forums, and a boost to the horribly low outputs of AOE dmg from shadow priest.

BTW: very ideal solution!

Hymn of Hope: Change it so it applies an X second duration Spirit buff to the entire group or raid. With the change to fully Spirit based mana regeneration the maximum mana increase and mana based regen components of the ability are archaic and obsolete. The cool-down should also be reduced to 3 minutes and numbers tweaked accordingly
Tab target Pain on all mobs, fear, put VT on a few, then mind sear. Works best on non-elites. For elites, just tab target Pain and VT until MS procs or MB is up...

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