[H]<Forbidding Sea Pirates> social/casual

<Forbidding Sea Pirates> is a guild that has been helping people since 2007
If you are just looking for a guild with helpful people and just a place to chat while you level your alts, farm rep or whatever you do while playing wow, then this is the guild for you.

Please note that we consider our guild chat to be "PG" meaning try not to swear or discuss anything inappropriate

Members of our guild are required to be respectful to others both in guild chat and out of guild chat and be good representatives of our guild.

We have 7/8 guild tabs and are a level 25 guild. All ages and all levels are welcome.

We are not a raiding guild at all but we like to do old raids sometimes and some events here and there.

/who forbidding sea pirates and ask for an invite if interested or use the guild finder in game to put an invite request

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