Idea to fix Fist of Fury

Since most Monks (and those that gave up on them) agree that FoF is the weak link for WW monks, I have an idea, why not just make it an instant attack, that applies dots in a cone in front, that equal the same damage fist of fury does. Letting it go out some distance (20 yards is arbitrary) also helps those who PvP (by far the noisiest group when it comes to issues).

Change it to something like this

Chi Palm
Instant cast
Range 20 yards
Damage Same as FoF

You could have the animation just show a punch that launches a ball of "chi" at the target, you already have the animation in game on a boss mob in Shado Pan Monastery, for 2h weapons you could have them slam the ground, for DW you could have them slam the weapons together to create a chi wave or something.

Basically remove the root, and allow it to go out 10-20 yards to help with pvp issues.
Fists of fury needs to be able to be used while moving, even a 50% move speed would at least make it viable.

A root on a "hard" (Doesnt even hit that hard imo) hitting spell like this is complete and utter BS. The only time its usable is during a disable snare.

Spear strike also needs to be lowered to 10 energy. 30 energy interupt that generates no chi? Lolokayblizz
It hit's harder then you think on single target. I have had it tick over over 100k per tick.
I'd personally love a glyph that removes the stun portion in exchange for allowing us to move while casting it.

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