468 ilvl Prot Paladin 4/16 LF Raiding Guild

Hello all,

I'm looking to join a 10 man progression raiding guild, prefer to have a core spot in your raid group. I'm also a raid leader have been for 7 years been playing this game for a very long time.
Looking to progress though normal MV and than move onto hardmodes.

I can offer perfect raid attendance, a winning attitude, class knowlege, as well I do have a lvl 85 of every class but paladin has been my main for years, and a very friendly person to raid with.

I do have a gaming computer, and my net connection is 1000 MB/s so DC and lag will never be a problem unless its the server.

I am very mature and my age is 18.

Please msg me in-game or via this post I will be checking thoughout the day.

Thank You
BattleTag: Quigan#1356
We are looking for a tank for our Core Raid group. Our raid times are 7pm-11pm Server Thursday-Monday. Currently we are grinding heroics for MV this Thursday the 11th, to start our MoP progression. If you are interested please go to www.shadowsofthezephyr.com to apply or whisper Seneskay or Heryanbert in game for a invite+interview.

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