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This isn't people who hate Blizzard and want to ruin them because they put out a new expansion they don't like. These people would do it regardless because they enjoy the misery of others. I myself am enjoying the videos, they're pretty darn funny, but I would like it to stop so I can continue to level!
Lol you are far from correct... do some research before speaking... The people who are doing this are doing so because they want blizzard to fix the issue with 1 hit boss kills and free 25m loot.
You are saying this is actually a planned and staged protest?

In-game, really I would never have thought of it. Nor thought it possible, but then again, I am not skilled at computer things.

Amazing. Occupy World of Warcraft. You certain that is the reason tho?

What if its really Anonymous, hitting Blizzard instead of banks and financial institutions? see it for yourself
what is the point of hacking anyway? takes all the fun out of the game.
You're kidding right? ! shotting people is always fun. Being OP is fun. Sure it ruins it for the people getting one shot, but it's still got to be fun.
Omg are you a moron? Kyrryn there is a hack to get insta kills and endgame loot solo within a few seconds of entering a raid... these people are bringing it to light so it is stopped. If blizzard were not a bunch of idiots they would have fixed it before this had to happen.
Seriously, why does a GM even need this ability? If it wasn't made possible then it wouldn't be able to be hacked. Blizz asked for this one.
This happens all the time in mmo's, it's waaaaaay worse in some of the free to play ones. Some people have nothing better to do...
Look in all honesty people have done this before either from consoles or pc games. To big companies to little companies, it happens all the time. Blizzard woll fix it just give it time. People always give so much !@#$ when something bad happens and they can't fix it right away....
So, can you all leave so we can have some maturity in this game?
Ppl who have nothing better to do than hack games should be forced to do community service or something. It prevents players who actually wanna progress in the game and do stuff from doing it. what noobs lol
Hacks have been happening since the beginning of WoW. Getting your panties in a bunch when you actually see one. Yep.

People who hack will get actioned. Now please stop talking.
Perfect idea!

Pay for their product to start a rebellion involving a hack that will be patched before the day is over with.

I like it!
They are stupid all they care about is their billions. As long as it comes in they are happy. But the became so greedy that they did not want to apportion the proper amounts for security and this is what happens. It all boils down to one thing. GREED.

Pull your head out of your bank vaults/anuses and learn from your mistakes... (sorry for the jewish reference)

Should probably finish middle school before giving business advice.

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