Great class design! but...

First, I would like to say good job blizz on ret mechanics. You've given us great utility that really defines what a ret should be. We are not broken at all, we just need a little toon up.

Ret survivability is good and it's not broken. One of the best schemes in the game as far as survivability without being "broken" and unbeatable by other classes. So defensively, we're fine, wouldn't change a thing.

Offensively, our burst is great, again, without being "broken" And we can be cc'd some while bursting, unless we use divine shield, but that's at the expense of a dps loss which is very fair.

The major problem I see with ret is sustained damage. I'm not sure how we're looking in PvE as far as dps, but i figure with the new pvp power, something can be done about our poor sustained damage. Of course, we shouldn't do as much damage as a warrior or dk, since we're a support class, but our uptime can seem school zone slow at times.

Solutions could be a more frequent Censure tick or buffing it's damage. Or, changing the increased crit on Inquisition to increased haste for Sanctity of Battle synergy. We just need a little more damage outside of burst.

side notes: our cc is a little below average, so I'm thinking blinding light could easily be made on a 45-60sec cd. It breaks on any kind of damage whatsoever, so in arena and bgs, it actually has a skill req as to effectively use it. So 2 mins is a little high for such a spell.

I'm trying out many different stat priorities, gems, and reforges, to try and find a better solution for sustained damage.

Other than that, I applaud Blizz for a great Retribution design. It's really well appreciated.
The major problem I see with ret is sustained damage

I believe that once gear with more haste becomes available to paladins we can pull more sustained dps, as there won't be any downtime between holy power builders. For the time being though, I do agree that the reliance on cooldowns is too high.

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