Ah, c'est l'amour ~

Moon Guard
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Besides which troll are you so I can enter your dungeon?

Horde troll. My dungeon is Orgrimmar.
Once upon a time, Qerrathien was an awkward lady when it came to matters of men, and the heart. She had a bit of a flirtation going on with Beurghes, he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but she adored the way he stood back up after being knocked down by woman after woman that he flirted with. So, she flirted with him, telling him jokes (Sometimes very off color ones...), sending him something that looked simple but had a very deep meaning to her at least, in the mail by the pounds. Hearts of the Wild. He had no idea what she meant by sending him so many of them. Over the four years they were bonded, she sent him close to a thousand of them with her travels, and when she returned they often fought and argued about the slightest things.

Well, in one arguement he poked fun at her for sending so many hearts, and she got all watery eyed and turned red in the face huffing as though she were about to burst into tears. It was at that moment he realized there was a meaning to them and he asked why she sent them.

"The hearts of wild are the closest thing I can get to sacrificing enemies of the circle for you...I wanted to show you that I was doing well and that I had not forgotten the loving arms I left behind at home. For each heart, was a whispered prayer to return home safely to you, and a gift to show that I remember and love you with all my heart and soul."

Poor Beurghes had no clue that was the meaning behind it for four, almost five years...and when she had told him this, he was stunned. He always was her sweet kitten...
Esheria and Wuzz are in that slightly sappy part of their budding relationship. Giving little gifts that they just happen across, being frank one moment then blushing the next, thinking that they're being rebels by simply holding hands in public.
It's adorable and nauseating.
Nova is foreveralone. Nyli has made out with a few complete strangers before, is that romantic? Sometimes it doesn't turn out so well though... *Rubs the bump on her head!* x_x
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Everything between Imrien and Ylanna.

Yes, they are quite cute. hehehe
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He always was her sweet kitten...

Obviously, Kaldorei have adopted the butt-plug tail into their wardrobe.
Sorry, couldn't hear you past that kneecap in your mouth...
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Nova is foreveralone. Nyli has made out with a few complete strangers before, is that romantic? Sometimes it doesn't turn out so well though... *Rubs the bump on her head!* x_x


harbringer of the light lf1 more.

must like truth and fighting for cause pst.

no dwarfs or gnomes... well maybe. exceptions can be made.
Mmm most adorable romantic thing ever? My troll priest long time ago in a realm far away - killed herself and the guy she was smitten with to run free of their bodies and responsibilities in the spirit world(aka we were hiding ooc from friends who never gave us a moments peace via killing our toons and RPing in party while running around as ghosts). They shared their first kiss as spirits.

I dont want to talk about it!

*pulls her hood over her eyes*
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I dont want to talk about it!*pulls her hood over her eyes*

Awwwww, my little girl is becoooooming a woman!!!

*Sets out table and plague*

Come, let us talk! Who is he? What does he do for a living? Is he living? Is he undead?
He's living. >.>
In order to save his son, Ber lost his arm (Temporarily), and was impaled. He was in a coma for about two weeks.

It's not romantic but loving. He'd die a thousand times to keep his family safe >>. (Though pretty sure his Fiance would get worried if she found out about that >> ber's had a lot of brushes with death lately.)
There was this one time with roses and candlewax...

I don't get to do a lot of romantic roleplay, alas. Most characters my femme fatales encounter just aren't good all the way around the track, y'know? Useless.

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