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Moon Guard
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Glyllena has been with her mate Krastos for millennia. It's so adorable that it makes everyone around us puke a little. She recently discovered, when they moved back to Stormwind, a large trunk full of treasures that he had been keeping from her. For the sake of being able to take care of them should things go downhill. Also in that trunk was a silly photograph of her taken at the Darkmoon Faire and a well-worn bundle of as many of her letters to him that have survived over the years.

She's also been/being pursued by one Charles "the Doctor" Hawtrey. That one's still in progress.

I'm also in progress writing a future-Lena story where the blackhats that Krastos worked/works with kill him, and she goes out seeking to avenge his death.
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Everything between Imrien and Ylanna.

Yes, they are quite cute. hehehe

I have to second this. They are freaking adorable.


Second Edit: Apparently it's third this and I'm officially scared.
Look you're going to need to get used to being bossed around. Quit your QQ and gimme 20.

20 hours of sleep?

Can do chief.
Xtrabulator once devoured someone he found to look attractive in a flesh-y sort of way.
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Xtrabulator once devoured someone he found to look attractive in a flesh-y sort of way.

Man how do you guys not see yourself as horrible monsters.
Hmmm, most romantic thing Grim's ever done? Made out with a female Knight at the tomb of Uther...we tend to ignore the sacrilege.
A long while back, Lortar left Alterac Valley to help the horde with larger issues than those back home. This was close to the time he had a major falling out with his dad - Lortar thought the man was becoming cowardly, sticking to only breeding and handling worgs for war rather than helping defend the orcish villages against possible attack like his mother.

Yet, despite this, any time Lortar came across a worg native to Alterac Valley, he would compile a report on what he saw, specially on the physical and, if possible, mental health of the beast, where he saw it, and add in a few of his own thoughts. He was never asked to do this, nor did receive anything for it, but he doubted that the worg's newer handlers ever provided much feedback to any of the original breeders.

I guess that's not romantic or cute, but maybe a touch compassionate. :]

On the romantic note, he was in a relationship with another orc. A very crude hunter.

The didn't exactly have a romantic falling-in, and actually butted heads constantly, or beat the crap out of one another. They detested one another's sense of humor and never held a straight conversation for longer than one could hold their breath.

It wasn't really until far later when they were both chilling in Booty Bay after their usual gang split once the New Year's fireworks stopped did things finally start happening. It was actually during a rough time in both their lives, and both of them were using the celebration to push away their own vexations. One of them jokingly popped the question asking, "Don't you think we might as well be together?" and after an awkward pause things kind of clicked, they both shrugged and simultaneous went "I guess,".

Of course, it was inevitably only a relationship based on using one another as emotional crutches and outlets for unrelieved tension and they both knew it - Lortar didn't really care, but the other orc wanted to end it. After hearing from a close friend of the two that said orc did want it done with, Lortar promptly went up to beat him up for being such a coward about it and ended things himself.

The whole series of events was cute in a very unruly, orcish sort of way.
Sit down, children. I will spin you one of the many tales of love.


After quite the long while of what could be considered "courting" between Forte and his current wife, as well as a steamy night only a few days prior-to, it was then that this mighty Templar had decided to venture with her to the stormy, Forsaken-controlled ranges of Gilneas. She was once a horrid alcoholic; with this in mind, he brought along several satchels of bourbon, whiskey, and all else. When they reached a small, abandoned cottage, he sat cross-legged aside from her on a bed while she sat on her ankles, staring intently at him. He emptied the bags unto the surface of the bed and she lit up in delight. He let her have her way with all of the goodies before looking to her, stammering nervously after complimenting her an awful lot: "I love you."

There was an awfully long silence before she practically sprang into his lap, legs wrapped against his waist and lips brushing against his ear before saying playfully, "What if I said, the feeling was mutual?"

... :3 The tinglies.
The most romantic thing that happened to Karob in-game was "If I can't have you, I don't have anything." So he held his former love for a few moments, before having her stab his heart and throat.
Confessing that she regretted not accepting somebody's friendship before being slaughtered by guards.

My characters never get to love or be loved.
None of them are the type to either have time for romance, are disgusted by it or are too young to even think about such things.
I so want a twisted relationship for Liarasong....

I am so evil to my characters.

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