low level healing

anyone having issues with it? i am finding it rather challenging with only one heal now that i am able to do scarlet halls. any suggestions? theres plenty of unavoidable damage here seeing as theres alot of new players and such at level 30. :P smarty pants need not apply. i feel like whoever designed this class just was not thinking about the low level game and the need for occasional burst healing...
I think you're just dealing with bad tanks, i was pulling half instances with my mistweaver healing me at level 30.
At this point your healing is all about Eminence. I would try to make sure that I had at least two Chi for a Blackout Kick for a little healing burst. Until you get Spinning Crane Kick (and, to a lesser degree, Renewing Mists) you won't be doing a lot of AoE healing.

Your two biggest heals right now are Touch of Death (huge, but unreliable due to the combination of Chi cost and CD) and BoK. Soothing Mist is ok, if damage is concentrated on one person and not coming in bursts.
just spam cast it....thats what i did and i could heal tanks through big pulls

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