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I play to buy a copy of Mists of Pandaria for my girlfriend, now my question is, can I give her the game key of one of the two copies I plan on buying? Will it let her install the expansion just like if she had the game herself?
If you girlfriend has an account that has been expanded up to Cataclysm, then yes.

If not, no - by itself it is an expansion and needs the full game and previous expansions on the account.

That said, I think there are bundle deals at the Blizzard store for the initial game and all the expansions.

If she doesn't have an account yet, it could be a great idea to look at the Recruit-A-Friend thing too :)
If you buy MoP at a retail store you can give her a copy but, unless it's recently changed, you cannot currently gift the digital copy of MoP. You can only buy the digital copy for your own account.

Edit: Ignore what I posted, they have started to allow gifting digital MoP so you should be fine.
Thanks everyone.

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