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Pet Battles
A personal anecdote, fresh from today's dailies:

Nexus Whelpling with Mana Surge vs. a flying pet with flying attacks.
Mana Surge missed, all three hits.
Flying pet crits Take Off.

Pet battles are 10% skill, 90% luck. The skill part is on picking counters and setting up combos, the rest is down to hoping you don't miss.

It's why I don't enjoy the battles, just the collecting part.
I usually do that fight using onyxia whelping (one you can pick up roaming around onyxia cave), and an elemental type pet that can do immolate conflag the chicken.

Those trainer fights wouldn't be fun if they weren't challenging.

You don't need FFF for this fight, FFF is just a cheesy pet that can one shot any pet out there which is why it's the flavor of the month. Hopefully will be fixed one day.

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