warriors vs pallies

is either class stronger than the other towards the other one? lol..tongue twister
Well the warrior takes a king kong #$!% on the pally, the pally bubbles at 2%
Warrior shatters bubble
Warrior proceeds to rub sack against the face of the pally, otherwise known as Tbagging.
About 10min ago on my Justicar arms war with full 450 pvp gear. I just tried to ganked a lvl 88 tuaren ret pally who was fighting a elite mob. I was killed by this pally. I know this is not a 1v1 game but i stood no chance at lvl 90.

I am really trying to figure out wtf happened. Now that i think of it, i have not one time killed a pally yet in pvp with my 90 war.

He absorbed all my damage and had a bubble up at all times. I have wrecked many ppl in this game but what i just experienced 10min ago has be baffled. Either he is cheating or there really op. I know i am not bad at this game so ppl can make there judgments all they like.

we stand zero chance agianst ret pallys.
Their burst is better than ours. But, it's still an even matchup thanks to our second wind. But if they go slow at first and do their burst when we're at low health, it's GG for us.

I love shattering their bubble which they think will save them from anything. It's such a nice feeling to see their bubble shatter and imagining the pally player on the other side going "Noooooo, my bubble"?
how do you shatter their bubble
I don't think you can beat a pally.

Think what you could do as a warrior if you had a button that would heal you to full health whenever you needed it. That's a pally.

(Ranged classes, on the other hand, are very unpleasant for pallys.)
I haven't lost to a ret yet in 1v1. The best way to win is to CC him in any shape or form while his CDs are up. Also, prolonging the fight while you are in 2nd wind with other CCs pretty much means you can't die.

and yet we had a pally (Hagtash I think) trolling our forums today saying we were defending how OP we were hahaha.
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how do you shatter their bubble

Shattering Throw.

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