[BUG]Relic of Chi Ji Graphic w/ Holy Paladins

Bug Report
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So it seems when Relic of Chi Ji (The DMF Cranes deck) Procs, it creates a translucent aura shown here. http://i.imgur.com/ZlydN.jpg

However, the bug happens when you light of dawn. I don't know if this was intended or not, but the light that radiates from this spell is brutal to anyone's eyes. Which you will see in this image below.
Bugged LOD proc

Normal LOD

It also has a tolerant effect on Eternal Flame(shown below).

Please keep in mind this isn't just a visual bug for me. I learned quickly that everyone can see this around town, battle grounds, and raids.
Fix this for the love of god. MY EYES cannot handle our H Pal spam anymore :(
Imagine being me... I have to deal with it while healing.
Please fix this issue. I have epilepsy and some holy paladin was spamming light of dawn in my LFR. I felt an episode coming on and had to leave the raid before it got any worse. Because of this issue I am now forced into not grouping with any holy paladins for fear of them casting this ability.

For those interested, no other abilities I have run into have caused me any issues, at least not to the extent that this light of dawn graphic has. It's a blinding white light that can be cast multiple times in a row when Holy Avenger is up or if they get lucky with that other talent.

I wish this was the only issue, but it also makes it impossible to see 60% of my screen when it goes off. This results in me and the raid dying to effects that we could normally avoid with ease, but couldn't because more than half of our screen was covered with a blinding white light.

This is a huge problem on both fronts and needs to be addressed immediately.
Please fix this.
It's difficult enough to see everything going on (all settings on ultra) during Heroic Stone Guards without a holy paladin blinding me every 3 seconds. :<
Sorry, I didn't see that light blue circle over the blinding white cone covering my entire screen.
I thought this was comical the first couple times I saw them. Then I died from having my view of cobalt mines obscured by a massive seizure inducing light of dawn. This is completely brutal.
Can we please get a blue response so I at least know it's being looked into and I don't have to keep bumping this every day?

If this was some minor bug I wouldn't care, but paladins with that card proc who use light of dawn can trigger an episode for me AND it makes it impossible to see any encounter mechanics even for those who don't suffer from epilepsy
10/09/2012 10:15 PMPosted by Terias
Sorry, I didn't see that light blue circle over the blinding white cone covering my entire screen.

Definitely this.... The mines are hard enough to see as they are.
Please fix dis.
I agree... trying to dodge emperors cleave chain is hard enough without being suddenly blinded by your holy paladins.

It obscures your vision which is bad.... if you can't see mechanics you make the raid's job harder.
Bumping this thread. This issue is causing me not to be able to use the trinket in certain fights because of having to stack up on the raid and not being able to see some of the mechanics of the fight.
Here's my bump. Healing encounters which require you to monitor your feet constantly (Stone Guard in particular) just makes this bug ridiculously annoying, especially when paired with a Mistweaver Monk using Spinning Crane Kick w/trinket.
Bump for a solid cause
Experienced same issue after doing a dungeon with this trinket. LoD turns into a kinda neon green light show for the duration of the buff.
Adding some screenshots to this as well:

Please nerf paladin laser light show.

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