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Then they gonna release it with no tank spec. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Unless the next expansion is a BC style, 10 levels with socketable gear way before running heroics then I am done with WoW.

This expansion was 'Jay Wilsoned'. Do the story and then just start repeating everything over and over with your daily quests.

MoP = D3
And tell me, what did you do in WOW before MOP after you did the story?
You realize they are adding more story and quest content in the content patches as well than they've ever planned to do before? They already announced the patch is about to hit PTR a few days ago.
10/07/2012 08:23 PMPosted by Mesia
2.) Pandaren say often. "I dreamed of being a Demon Hunter once." as Monk areas go. Could be thats the next Class.

Really?? the pandas say this?? OMGGGGG hahahaha

I really think that Demon hunters are going to be the next class. I JUST HOPE HOPE they give it a tanking spec. Although it seems highly improbable because we just got Monks.
10/07/2012 09:41 PMPosted by Rohkeg

LOL No... He's great and all, but his place is with the Tauren

I agree, but reading Tides of War, he definitely holds a lot of respect with the races of the Horde, and Garrosh has all but lost it. The only reason many of them remain loyal to him is because of the Kor'kron and the power he has allowed Malorok to use to 'influence' any nay-sayers.

Baine has bluntly spoken out against Garrosh on numerous occasions and after what happened at Theramore, he has aleady stated the Tauren will take no part in anything similar to that again. Vol'jin declined to follow Baine's footsteps only because of the fact their nation is so close to Orgrimmar, they would be the first to feel Garrosh's wrath.

The Blood Elves and Undead who also do not see Garrosh's view as the true Horde view, were exterminated by Malorok and 'silencing squads' continue to move through Horde territories to stop any upheaval.

Thrall already refused to return as Warchief until the world has been healed, and with a new war between the Alliance and the Horde, the world will continue to need his and the Earthen Ring's dedication.

Baine Bloodhoof is the next logical successor as leader of the Horde. Traditionally the position has been held by Orcs in Orgrimmar but there is nothing 'official' stating it has to be an Orc. It would also give the dev's a chance to move the capital city from Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff, a city that isn't really travelled by players. Either that, or Eitrigg, loyal advisor to the Warchief, will take his place, but Eitrigg is old and will likely succumb to his age before the end of this content.

Just as a correction, not only in Orgrimmar, as Orgrimmar itself is fairly new - Built after the orcs, led by Thrall, heeded Medivh's advice of leaving the eastern kingdoms.

As for Eitrigg, isn't Saurfang due to make a come back soon too?
Blizzard has said that as long as there are subscribers (Enough to keep the money flowing) There will be more expacs. There is no level limit, and lore is something that can be created. Titan is NOT meant to replace WoW, and isn't the same universe. My guess is as long as there are at least 1 million subscribers, more expacs will come.
I'd like a caster for a new class. I am curious to see whether or not we get a new class or race. The trend of race/class/race was broken with Mists. We got both a race and class this time around. The question is will we get any of that next expansion. If the character model updates are finished by then, I'd take that over a new race/class.

Demon hunters sound good in theory, but what exactly is everyone's idea of how they should play? Like a hunter with a ranged weapon and demon pets? Like the D3 Demon Hunter? I would love to see something with a ranged weapon that wore plate and used Int instead of Agil. Crazy, I know.
If they go the legion route either next or the one after, I hope it takes us all the way to Argus. With the prominence of Eredar in the Legion, it would make sense if that's where Sargeras set up his capitol.
fresh new, no rehashing.
10/07/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Moine
So I've been wondering what the expansion after Mists of Pandaria is going to be. I noticed the Draenei, Gnomes, and Blood Elves have kind of been left out of the lore. I feel like it should either be about The Burning Legion. Us going on a full scale attack to take them out. Plus the Gnomes, and Trolls need their own city... Tell me what you think!

One does not simply "take out" a Legion that spans half the known galaxy.

ROFL. <3
As for "What's on the other side of Azeroth" there is no "other side of Azeroth". Our in game map is the globe laid flat. Just like maps of Earth. Those stupid zeps just like to take the long way over.
Yes, the Draenei have been missing out, bring back ARGUS!!! I want to go home...not fair that the Pandaren get to go back to their homeland but not me.
10/07/2012 07:37 PMPosted by Zerde
They said its gonna be a burning Legion Expac so drenaei are sure to be covered in the lore department.

No, it will not be.

The expansion following MoP will be all about the Horde and Alliance trying to be buddy-buddy and preparing for the expansion to follow it. The expansion after the following is going to be a Burning Legion expansion where we finally meet Sargeras face-to-face and take him out in a group of 10/25 Demi-Gods (us).
For those wanting 90-100 i doubt u will get it.. i imagine 90-95 and the last expansion to be 95-99 sticking with there 99 level cap roots.
There's a constant rumor that the next expansion will be called "The Emerald Dream" and will be Burning Legion related.

Since the concept of MoP leaked way before the announcement (and Blizzard denied, saying that Pandaren were a secondary race and did not deserve a expac), I believe in this rumor.
The Burning Legion has not been defeated. Kil'jaeden is still alive. He was merely banished to the Twisted Nether. He will return.

Besides, Velen, the leader of the Draenei talked about creating a great Army of the Light to oppose the Burning Legion in the not-so-far Future. I think it was also mentionned somewhere that Anduin Wrynn would be leading that army but I might be wrong.

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