Transmog/Gems/Reforge, keep Vanishing

Bug Report
I thought I was seeing things, but it actually does indeed seem like my newest xmog vanishes after sometime.

Last night, I got my shoulders from ToJS, and first thing I do is reforge, gem, enchant, and xmog.

This morning , I woke up to no xmog on my shoulders, and I thought I forgot to do it, but I couldn't have because I remember specifically running to the bank for my feralheart shoulders, and running back to xmog, and then bringing them back to to the bank.

Well, I got my belt today from first boss in scholo finally, and I did my thing, and xmogged to feralheart belt.

After about 2 hours

I just happened to press C, and I noticed my belt colors was off, so I moused over my belt and xmog.

Anyone else having this issue? Why is this happening?
I just got new legs from LFR, and xmogged them.

Went to the store, and came home, and my xmog on my legs were gone again....

come on blizz

I'm having to spend double gold for something that is broken.
Replaced my gloves last night

gemmed, reforge, and xmogged

woke up today

my gem is gone....


I'm tired of spending the extra gold to keep going back and replacing it. Why is this happening?
I'm having issues as well. I'll try to document them better going forward.

So far i've had reforges and my blacksmithing sockets disappear on me mysteriously, I don't know when or what triggered it.

This evening while preparing to raid Mogushan Vaults I used my guildy's reforge mount and put new sockets in my bracers and hands. When I was done, I was 1 rating point above hit cap, and I was happy.

After an hour or two of raiding i noticed on my character sheet hit chance was 6.53% or something like that, the reforges on my legs and bracers were gone as was my blacksmithing socket in my bracers. I think my hands and weapon might have reverted to an unreforged state as well.
I'm not having the reforging issue since I haven't reforged my gear yet but I am having my gems disappear on my after dungeons. Word on what is causing this would be wonderful! I'm going to be rather annoyed if I have to constantly regem because they disappear all the time. I noticed that mine disappeared as soon as I finished a heroic dungeon, maybe that will help.
Same issue has happened to me now at least 3 times, it is really annoying and getting quite expensive, can anyone help at all?!
This happened to me today. I had just reforged/gemmed/enchanted my entire enhancement set. Switched to resto set, ran a dungeon, switched back and a lot of my reforges were gone. Didn't see any missing gems or enchants so far.
Glad I'm not the only one. I had transmogged my shoulder armor earlier this week. Today I added a couple of gems, then after I hearthstoned I lost the transmog. Very inconvenient.

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