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I too enjoy standing in front of cleaving bosses... and in fire... and basically anywhere I can that will make my healers mad at me.
I think most healers have a passive-aggressive streak. We love to watch the bads die, while knowing in our hearts we could have saved him - if we wanted to.

I wish I could deny this, but... it's so very true.

Also, I feel this is a good time to switch my forum avatar as Sin is no longer my main. Say hello to Mushimushi!
"Nope, never!" I said.
"Never in a million years." I said.
"Too stressful and I'd be horrible." I said

It is stressful at times, but GOD!!!! This is so fun!

Why was I so hard headed before?

Enhance? Pfft

Resto is where it's at!

I was the same. "RET 4 LYFE" i said.

Now I have 5 healers.

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