Should I Get Mists Now?

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Right now my plan is to save up for a new computer to replace this absolute garbage laptop I am running on right now. And I mean garbage. I have all possible graphics and sound settings set to low, I have Game Booster and ASC5 Smart RAM to boost performance, I never have any other program running in the background besides a super lightweight music player, and I even have my Vista theme set to that really ugly Windows 95/2000 look for good measure. All of that, and I can barely peak at 30 FPS in the most desolate and foliage free zones.

I want to experience leveling in Pandaria in HD and not in this N64 graphic settings where you can barely see 20 yards in front of you, however I also feel there is incentive to just straight up getting it now. Queues for instances and PvP take forever now, my gold making is super sub-optimal right now since barely anyone is buying Cataclysm materials, and it is just generally weird being a level 85 Night Elf Hunter among level 90 Pandaren Monks in SW.

Should I just stick it out and wait until I can play the game in HD or is there just too much new stuff to do to delay getting Mists any longer?
Is it less shameless because I did it on another character? (:
Not really. You are well within your rights.
Sorry, it just got buried really fast. Anyways, concerning the original topic...?
MOP is terrible in every aspect. Save your money or look for a new game to play.

BTW, you would look alot cooler with a longer goatee.
I prefer the full on beard that covers the upper lip.

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