Silkmaster Tsai: I'm begging you, Blizzard.

Bug Report
This is now getting bad. Pandaria is reaching its second week of release, and Tailors have been without training all this time. Silkmaster Tsai prompts the non-tailoring quote to tailors of the right level. Personally, my guild is looking to raid this upcoming Tuesday. As we will be starting rather fresh with this content, we are going to need every advantage we can get. I will be missing a rather substantial one, without a proper cloak enchant.

I have read forum posts about the offerings of reputation patterns. These are not the same as what are being offered by the other trainers. Tailors have been missing out on rather important gear, and enchants, for the last 2 weeks.

Blizzard, I beg you, fix this longstanding problem. Give us the ability to train.
Since when was he supposed to actually train anything? Maxed level tailors already have the new cloak enchant automatically. The old one scaled up. Everything else is rep based.

Edit: I forgot he's currently labelled as a trainer. That itself is the bug. No recipe is currently unavailable right now.

Edit 2: It appears you never did get the "pvp" recipes from the main city in eternal vales that are traded for the spirits of harmony.

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