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I need some help blizz, i am playing on a macbook pro 2011 laptop and i've been playing on it for on and off for about a year now on this computer. I've never once had a problem with addons but after installing MoP all of a sudden i can't get them to work. I've tried curse client, uninstalling it and reinstalling it and still no luck. I tried manually installing the addons i need and simply dragging them to the addons folder and still no luck. Am I missing something here? Since I just hit 90 on my main I need DBM in order to start raiding and I am being held back because of it /:

Please help me blizzard!!!! or anyone!!!
Come on, no one can seriously help me with this?
There's a good FAQ on installing addons at :

With DBM it'll unzip into a parent folder with many folders inside. You need to make sure you are dragging the folders inside that parent folder into the addons folder at :

Mac HD -> Applications -> World of Warcraft -> Interface -> Addons

The wow client will only look one folder deep in the addons folder for .toc files to load. Addons inside other folders inside the addons folder generally won't load.

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