Rain of FIre

REALLY??? it takes mana to cast it and (somehighnumber) a sec??
like at my lvl 23 its like 330 to cast adn 112 a sec im oom after 1ft rain of fire
Your a Monk, that's why your having trouble.
this is me
AoE sucks at your level, especially for destro. Pick up Harvest Life. Or roll demo and get Hand of Gul'dan/Harvest Life and make your life easy. At your level you're not gonna be single targeting a lot, might wanna respect to something with more AoE.
hey sicks im trying demon but i go oom fast
Just level up. Shouldn't take too long until you don't need to worry about mana for AoE.
Not to mention life tap is your friend. Forget what level you get it

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