Guide to the Golden Lotus Faction Quests

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No idea what im up to on my mage VNM, so i backtracked according to your instructions, and still cant find out where im up to. Rediculous.
I am still unable to get these dailies going even after following all the advice listed here including the walk-through...I have turned in "A witness to history
" and I have NOTHING from any of the NPCs listed after that...I have been to them all and have talked to them all....I have already gotten Exalted with The Klaxxi but I have NOTHING I can find to do to get to the dailies for Golden Lotus
Are you idiots trying to tell me I have to do an entire quest chain just to do the mandatory dailies? Seriously? You guys have mode this game so linear that it's beyond belief. It used to be that you could go into a zone and just grad a quest and start questing, not you have to do on quest or a chain of quests to open up other quests in the are and if that quest chain sucks (like so many of them do in MOP) it just too bad. You have made questing a huge boring grind, you have made gearing a huge boring grind, you have made the dungeons just plain horrid (every single one if full of pandas with a bad case of Diarrhea of the mouth spouting nothing but annoying crap) No wonder most of the people I know don't play this game any more. I'm honestly not even sure why I'm still playing... Oh, wait you suckered a bunch of us in with the Annual pass BS.
This leads to “Out with the Scouts” and “Barring Entry.”

I know this is a bit of an old post but it should be noted that at this part of the quest line; If you're saying "I learned 'Wisdom of the four winds' and completed 'A witness to History' but I cant find any more quests." Most people will check under the Golden Pagoda and see nothing, you should check the little camp that is a bit North-West of Whitepetal Lake; the quest giver for these quests has a second location up there and will likely have the quests for you.

Source: I have made this mistake on four characters. >_>
10/08/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Grimdy
Note that you must have trained flying to proceed.

This would have helped to know. I've been trying to figure out why I couldn't see things. I thought the development team was straying away from leaving players blind on what to do, or having long mysterious quest chains to unlock dailies -- of all things.

This had me rather upset for several days that I put a ticket. At least I can cancel it, of course, I'm out 2,500g I was hoping to hold on to for a while longer.

Pissed me off too. Im paying 2500g to do some !@#$ty dailies.
im having issues with pickin the quest line up after the initial quest are done
I'm having a problem as well. I have finished the Shrine of Two Moons but wasn't able to get accepted the The Shrine of Seven Stars quest. Bug?
So for me i can see the people in the village and i have completed the Golden Pagoda questline but there are no quests in Mistfall Village avalibale
ok so you have to have pandaria flying to be abel to do this?? i dont have 7 k gold to get both cold and cloud serpent and then flying before pandaria
No quests beyond Whitepetal Lake available! 5.4 is coming and I want to finish Golden Lotus asap. I'm at Friendly and yet only some of the stuff that's supposed to be available at Neutral is up.
Dear Blizzard,

I would like to be able to complete the achievements that are tied to the Golden Lotus dailies but these quests are locked unless you buy Pandaria Flying. Could you please remove the requirement to have Pandaria Flying so that these quests will be accessible.

Thank you in advance!
Just faction transferred and I have no idea where to start. Checked all the listed places and nothing.
Ok, so I have done all of the things in the guide. I still don't get any dailies at the Golden Pagoda, and I still can't see NPC's in Mistfall Village. Help please?
I have gotten to the second of the Golden Lotus quest chain for Exhaulted. I cannot go any further, I can't kill the guy with the electric bolts/spears and I can't get out of the scenario, for 2 days....... I have submitted a ticket, no answer! I have no add ons so I thought my problem would be solved when the servers reset today(Tuesday 8/20/2013) NO! and no answer from WOW. I have even sent in a bug report. I am deeply unhappy about this.

One of my quests got bugged and i had to abandon the quest and now i can't get the quest line can this get fixed??
This is my 8th 90 thru to Golden Padoda. This time after completing "A witness to history", the gates opened but no cutscene. Going thru the gates there is no Golden Padoda, just destroyed landscape. Im 90 with flying mount.
Guys i believe that the post is outdated, it says in wowhead that some of the quests are not available anymore.
I did the "celestial experience" and i did the "A witness to history" quest but the golden pagoda does not appear to me . . what did i do wrong?

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