Guide to the Golden Lotus Faction Quests

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I don't understand why people are complaining about the dailies.

I hated dailies in Cata. I absolutely love them in MoP. They are much more enjoyable and actually have some parts of the story Blizz is trying to tell in them (granted, once you read it once, you don't need to read it ever again). Not just that, but people who are saying it takes hours to do them, I have no idea what you're doing. It takes me an hour and a half at most on a nearly full to full server, where there's 10+ people at all times trying to tag things at once, not to mention the fact it's a PvP realm so when there actually are horde running around, I have to worry about them as well. On a good day, when I'm able to just go through and get what I need done, it takes me maybe an hour. Even less. And I'm terrible at ret and kill incredibly slowly. =|

The only thing I WILL agree with, however, is the fact that the dailies give abysmal rep for Golden Lotus. That needs to change, especially since I have to get revered with not only them, but also Shado-pan and August Celestials for enchants that will be vital for my raid group. That's my only complaint, is the rate at which the rep is gotten. Other than that, I'm completely fine with the way dailies are now.
same here..but i spammed 100g for a ride first, guess there's not enough 2 seaters out there
It took me forever. The keystone for me was "A Celestial Experience", which is the quest at the Temple of the White Tiger.

It ate my face 6 times at level and I had to give up. A week or so later, someone finally had a summary on wowhead and I was able to complete it at level 90. Then, I was able to quest through for the gate opening and that seemed to unlock the dailies.
You should add this to the guide (at least until it's fixed):

  • Some quests can't be completed until the next day because the NPC goes AWOL until the reset.
  • Some quests can only be completed after logging off then back on.
now i have nobody at the temple to give quests not even anyone name Anduin/Dezco, ive gone to the gates and they are already open and no other quests any where else in vale except ones that require golden lotus rep and the challenge dungeons. So this guide hasnt helped me at all cause ive already checked if ive finished the said quests to start the dailies i have no quests in any area a quest is given
thank you, i was really lost, this helped alot
I'd like to add something that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet:

If your main spec is that of a healer (Holy Pally for me) the daily rep grind is unbelievably not fun and not at all "how I want to play". I've played since Wrath, and until now, I've mostly been able to get the rep/tokens/etc I needed through dungeons. I'm not complaining that that has changed. I understand why the tabards have been removed, and for the most part I agree with it.

However, as a healer, I don't want to spend my whole night every night in my Ret spec. I would much prefer to grind dungeons, even if they're repetitive, than do dailies. Even if the dungeons get stale and boring over time (pugs make sure that doesn't happen, haha), at least I'm playing a spec I love to play.

If there's a change I would like to see, it's one where I can spend more time in the spec I enjoy, instead of having to play a spec I don't. Perhaps the dailies could be different for healers, or some compromise could be found on the tabard (a cap on tabard rep as another user suggested). I just want to get the rep I need so I can do the thing I love the most in WoW: heal my raid! :D

Thanks for listening!
I had no problem opening up the Golden Lotus. That is something considering I have trouble with most things of that nature. lol
On think you all should look in is In guild It shows players are on Remote Chat As such myself when i dont even have remote chat and people cant invite me to anything unless i have to invite them.
how about dailies provided by factions to finish a heroic dungeon? make an alternative than what you've currently provided to people who would rather do heroics than tons of quests.
The NPCs for Golden Lotus did not offer me the quests to open up the dailies, the area was phased for me and I was truly baffled. I followed the quest chains on wowhead to try to figure it out to no avail. My GM ticket was finally answered and the GM said he looked into the problem on my character and determined that I had dumped the following two quests somewhere along the way:

“Out with the scouts”
“Barring Entry”

He mentioned while testing he found the quests were not accessible due to a phasing bug that will need to be fixed and pointed me to a thread to keep an eye on the issue. I researched both quest chains and looked for the locations of the NPCs associated with them. One NPC is called “Lao Softfoot”, I found him ( and noticed I was able to interactive with him (he did not have a “?” or “!” above his head). When I interacted with him I was able to follow a chain of events that opened up the quest line again and eventually led to the opening of the dailies for me.

I’m not sure if this was part of a hotfix along the way, if the GM had reset the quest line somehow and made him re-appear, or if it was simply an oversight on my part after dumping the quest (there are no clear indicators pointing you to him if you dump it). Somewhat of a poor design and I’m not sure if this helps anyone else... but it’s worth a shot.
To those of you who are complaining about the rep grind, none of you were around during bc or vanilla were you? See, you youngsters who didnt play 8 years ago don't realize, this is how uz old timers had it. Hell back in vanilla we didnt even have dailies! You wanted the rep you had to kill thousands of mobs. You got 5 or 6 rep per mob and you liked it.

Then BC came and gave us new fangled things like dailies, and flying mounts. Back in ky day 5k gold was 3 months worth of farming. Now its 2 days of questing. Now i realise some of you were still in diapers back in 2004 but get real everyone.

After the initial horror that was launch week (the painful grinding of quests and levels), look at what Blizzard has done. Theyve taken us back to BC style gameplay. They removed alot of stats (spirit is almost 100% useless to everyone now) and given us back the old rep grind. To me this feels exactly like the best Expansion for wow, Burning Crusade. Since BC era, these expansions have sucked. I for one welcome this style of gameplay back, NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO BLIZZARD IS MAKE DESTRO LOCKS GOOD AGAIN SCREW AFFLICTION AND DEMO I WANT TO MELT FACE IN PVE! Bring us back to BC style gameplay. Because these other expansions fail by far in comparison to vanilla and BC (still waiting for 40 person raids to come back)
I was around during Vanilla and BC where you had to farm resist gear to do bosses I have a full set of T3 on my resto druid and that was not fun and doing the rep grind now is not fun we do not need throwback mechanics from the early life of WoW if we are going to do that lets not stop lets do corpse runs where you can lose levels and all of the gear you have on your toon just like UO and Everquest. Just because it was how it was in the old days does not make it good. I feel Blizzard can strike a good balance between dallies and the tabard if they try hard enough like dallies to honored then after that you can do either do dallies or use the tabard in heroics to get to exalted.

There is my druid to prove the T3 thing
Really bliz!? I gotta farm an a$$ load of dailies to even begin to gain rep with the factions I need for my enchanting formulas!? Really!? Why can't I just get them from the vendor like in Cata... that was amazing. But rep grinding!!? I thought we had moved past this...
i honestly wish i could vendor those charms since they are completly useless to me. the turnin gives no rep to any faction and the reward is for those that do dungeons or raids. neither of which i do. atm i just huck them anytime i need bag space since they are wasting it.
The fact that you get 143 rep (with guild bonus) per Golden Lotus quest is insane.

I don't understand why we need to rep grind just to unlock other reputations, I am currently Honored with the Golden Lotus and I have so far just given up on their dailies.
They are mundane and repetitive as f***, I see no reason to continue other than to unlock Shado-Pan and AC reps...

Another thing, I like the whole idea of limiting progression in the way of purchasing VP/JP goods (I realize the hotfix changed the JP req's) but because of the rep grinding required for EVERY SINGLE toon just to purchase these goods I have no motivation to level alts up to 90 except for gathering skills..
I think my only beef is the amount of people doing these dailies. I've noticed some fixes the last couple days, but now there's a new issue - I capped on VP a few days before the weekly reset, and was still just getting the lesser charms and a bit of gold. People have been saying that Justice points are worthless, but they DO help you gear up to get into heroics and not get kicked out because your dps was low, your tanking was horrible, or you couldn't heal enough to keep up with the damage.

One cannot grind VP anymore. 60 VP for a heroic dungeon once a day, followed by 30 for every other one. 30 VP for the first scenario a day, then 15 for every one after. Once VP capped, I don't even get a Justice reward. Blizz, think about this. How can we even progress from greens to basic 350/358 vendor JP gear, if we have no way to make JP but boss kills in dungeons, at a very, very low rate even with the guild perk.

How about, VP gets capped, and the quests gives 10 JP instead per quest, and we get some really decent justice from dungeons on bosses? I can't even buy the pieces that would be upgrades from vendors because I lack the JP, and unless I want to do nothing but dungeon every day all day for a week, I won't be seeing those pieces, because the way's to get plain ol' justice are nill. Anyone have any input on this? It may suck, but it's still better than those 437/442 greens!
10/08/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Tatekeii
To those of you who are complaining about the rep grind, none of you were around during bc or vanilla were you?

I don't think most people are complaining because of the need to gain rep with various factions but with the way it's gated. You have to spend more than a month grinding one faction's rep just to even begin grinding another factions rep starting from neutral, BC did not have a system like that as far as I can recall.

10/08/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Tatekeii
spirit is almost 100% useless to everyone now haven't played a healer have you?
My question is that for one of the daliy quest " The Imperion Threat", it would seem that i am somehow phase when i enter the Guo Lai Halls, thus making it impossible for me to complete the quest as i cannot see the NPC needed to get the quest objective done. Other people also seem to be having this problem however, only a handful of people were able to be correctly phase and thus completing the quest. So will this be fix anytime soon ? Peferably before the dalies reset cause i'm sure we all know how much of a pain getting rep is..

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