Guide to the Golden Lotus Faction Quests

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I did all the quests up until shrine of the seven stars and there are no quests at the Golden Pagota, i am trained in pandaria flying but still no quests
I have done all of the above on my level 90 dk yet he still has no quests available to him at the Golden Pagoda and the Village of Mistvale is unpopulated. I am unable to get the quest "The Ruins of Guo-Lai from Leven Dawnblade. He has nothing for me - What must I do? HELP!!!
The post from Zorgle above should have been from my dk Edsword - I didnt know I had to choose a character from a menu - Anyway when I said I have done all the above I was refering to Daxxarii's post with steps to follow if this problem is happening to you. I did all the required steps and like Zorgle said still no quests at the Golden Pagoda.


PROBLEM SOLVED - Found the started quests at The Ruins of Gui-Lai not at the Golden Pagoda. After completing the few quests at the ruins I was sent to the Golden Pagoda to turn in the last quest to Leven Dawnblade who then had a daily quest for me
I am just starting the "Daily Grind" for rep and I completely agree that if we have to grind rep it needs to accumulate at a much faster rate than it currently does. There are more than enough ppl that agree so please we are paying customers and would like to see better results from these reputation building dailies. Like others have pointed out, increase the amount of rep you get from each daily and give more ways to help build the rep quicker and more ppl would have the incentive to stick with it.
i like the start of the solution: "Spoiler Warning! This guide shares some details" umm... details? that quests exist? that the quests are linearly?
That is the main issue here, for some reason the questing was all designed linearly - who is fooling who? With a game like wow and you expect people to do quests in the proper order? I have 6 chars to 90 (in a month not all gameplay as there was some time on travel for work, etc, which means going back to a character and going where am i now?) so none of them did the questing in the same order - that is actually to the games credit. And its easy enough to get into the vale without doing the white dragon stuff.

This points out one thing to help out (in a way), which would be to have a quest button in quest log interface "next quest in zone... (pick continent->zone)" which might pop up an icon like where trainer in town is to indicate the next quest in proscribed WoW 1, 2, 3, order. I have to drop lots of quests to do dailys ... i can fill the quest log with *just dailys* let alone keep placeholder quests to know where to pick up questing in a zone.

Or another quest button that would be awesome is, first quest in zone a group can do together. How many groups have formed not knowing what they can all do together? Probably not many - why? Figuring out next quests is painful enough without bringing more unknowns into the picture (phases - dont get me started, bane of game - cant even do a cooking daily in org without game freezing up or group char getting poped off mount.) Group up... oh, instances only.

anyway, the bottom line absurdity was revealed, and thanks for letting us know the path, do some quests to get to 87, then do some quests in Kun-Lai, then do quests to higher level, then do some quests in Vale to open up town (i think that is it) - and btw, do the questing in the right order!
can any one tell me what the sigil of power is for i have two
Why isn't it in the guide that Eternally in the Vale is still bugged?

Also, why isn't it anywhere that by the time you hit exalted you would have gotten certain Dailiy Bosses multiple times but will never receive a quest for like 4 of them due to how many are tied to the same rep ranges and when you get past it you will never have a quest for them?
This faction/quest/daily structure is preventing the completion of the Hallow's Eve Candy Bucket achievement. This is extremely frustrating, especially since it should be easy to keep the bucket phased in the Village, outside the village, or removing it entirely from the Achievement requirements.
I see a problem with this. I do not have Flying in Pandaria. My wife has been flying me around and based on principle I am refusing to spend money on flying. So... I have done every quest she has done and I cannot get Golden Lotus Dailies.

Please tell me how to proceed without buying flying.

Did you also refuse to spend money on flying in Northrend?
I see a problem with this. I do not have Flying in Pandaria. My wife has been flying me around and based on principle I am refusing to spend money on flying. So... I have done every quest she has done and I cannot get Golden Lotus Dailies.

Please tell me how to proceed without buying flying.

Did you also refuse to spend money on flying in Northrend?
I don't know about the GP, but my DK only has Journeyman Riding (DKs get it free). I know I could purchase flying at any moment, but it is interesting that this is the first quest that has a flying requirement. All quests prior to these have allowed you to pick them up despite the level of training you have.

No harm to me since I don't feel like rep farming on another alt, but it is a bit upsetting to know that this may be the future and I may be locked out from future content as that character because of my personal decision not to pick up flying (which is not needed to level).
10/08/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Grimdy
Note that you must have trained flying to proceed.

This would have helped to know. I've been trying to figure out why I couldn't see things. I thought the development team was straying away from leaving players blind on what to do, or having long mysterious quest chains to unlock dailies -- of all things.

This had me rather upset for several days that I put a ticket. At least I can cancel it, of course, I'm out 2,500g I was hoping to hold on to for a while longer.

gj blizz 2500g for each toon, to unlock crappy dailies just gj
and it s not even upgraded flying, it s just crappy pandaria license to fly there..
well guess that s why i got 9x 28gold in LFR with bonus rolls, gotta love this game :)
I have submitted a ticket that I am unable to access the quests at the Golden Pagoda. I have done the pre-requiste quests and I can fly in Pandaria and yet these quests are still locked out. I have re-opened my ticket as it is unresolved, not solved.

Also, as others have mentioned, the candy bucket being phased has prevented me from completing the Hallow's End achievement. If I am lucky, by next years event, it will be un-phased or the dailies will be unlocked, I hope.

Blizzard please unlock the Golden Pagoda quests so that any 90 can access them so long as they have completed the "opening the Vale" quest chain that you can start at 87 and complete before you are 90.

Thank you in advance.
Wait... there is a way to get into VoEB that *isn't* jumping off the wall? I should look into this.
I need to get rep with the Golden lotus and before i was lvl 90 i started that chain quest. I believe the last quest i did was " The witness to history". I must of abandon the quest and now that i need the rep i cant pick up the quests at the golden pagoda or shrine of the seven stars. I cant really find any quests around to continue the chain for the daily quests at the golden pagoda. ive also abandon all my quests and still cant find it. Any tips on how to pick up on it?
Same here it's been 2 weeks, still no dailies to open. Thus I can gain Shadow Pan Rep. This is getting really really frustrating.

I have the flying. I did the quest line up until a witness to history and have yet to ahve any dailies to open. I submitted a ticket and they referred me to this fkn post. So i reopened my ticket cause this doesn't help me for someone that has done everything right. No help what so ever. Just to make sure I wasn't missing anything i retraced and retraced me steps over and over again and still no quests. Blizz I wish you would fix this sht for real!

Also the reply from Blizz was that multiple people was having the same issue. THEN OPEN UP THE DARN DAILIES, sheesh!!!
10/08/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Cavalee
The Killing Quillen quest is very buggy with its phasing. The area where they are located for example is stuck in a phase with just spiders around, regardless of whether i abandon the quest, grab it again, log out/in. Nothing works. So basically close to stuck not being able to level Lotus due to bugs.

I had a similar issue. I accidentally turned in the other quests with two Quillen left to kill, and I also just found spiders in the area where the Quillen had been before. HOWEVER, if you go into the crypt in that area, you will find two Quillen just chillin' (heh) on either side of the big stone slab in the middle of the crypt. I killed them and was able to turn the quest in. Hope that helps.
Two toons, two accounts, unable to unlock dailies on both after following the directions of the blue post. I get to the pagoda, the two pandas yammer a bit, I wait for the follow-up quest and...


I'm not looking forward to this unseemly rep grind as it is-- please don't make me start cutting everyone ELSE'S wrists too by making this so damned hard to start off.

Btw, Blizz, five people in our guild who have played since something like 2006 have quit due to this rep grind killing their desire to have alts as a "support team." They pretty much said, "see you when I don't have to grind this crap again, which will be never" and left the next week.

I don't see myself checking out that quickly, but I'm getting worn out fighting this tide of grind.

I have enough "daily chores" to do in real life-- I don't want to have to burn away my time doing this on all toons... make it account-wide or something or I don't know if I'm going to keep going.

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